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Durham University

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Staff Profile

Dr Lewis Mates

Teaching Fellow in Politics in the School of Government and International Affairs

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Research Interests

  • Mining History
  • Political identity formation
  • Teaching and politics
  • Transnationalism
  • Modern British political, social and industrial history
  • Political Activism
  • Political culture, regional history, particularly the North East


Authored book

  • Mates, Lewis (2016). The Great Labour Unrest; rank-and-file movements and political change in the Durham coalfield. Manchester University Press.
  • Mates, Lewis (2007). The Spanish Civil War and the British Left: Political Activism and the Popular Front. I.B. Tauris.

Edited book

  • Davies, Douglas J. & Mates, Lewis H. (2005). Encyclopedia of Cremation. London: Ashgate.

Chapter in book

  • Mates, Lewis (2012). The Syndicalist Challenge in the Durham coalfield before 1914. In Libertarian Socialism: Politics in Black and Red. Berry, D., Kinna, R., Pinta, S. & Prichard, A. Palgrave Macmillan. 57-77.
  • Mates, Lewis (2010). Charles Wilson, the Pitman's Poet. In Dictionary of Labour Biography Vol.XIII. Gildart, Keith & Howell, David Palgrave Macmillan. XIII.
  • Mates, Lewis (2010). Radical Cultures and Local Identities: the North-east Labour Movement’s Response to the Spanish Civil War. In Radical Cultures and Local Identities. Cowman K. & Packer I. Cambridge Scholars. 213–231.
  • Mates, Lewis (2005). Practical anti-fascism? The Spanish Aid Campaigns in North-East England, 1936-1939. In British Fascism, the Labour Movement and the State. Copsey, Nigel & Renton, David London: Palgrave. 118-140.

Journal Article

  • Mates, Lewis (2014). ‘Rank-and-file movements and Political change before the Great War; the Durham miners’ “Forward Movement”. Historical Research 87(236): 316-343.
  • Cohen, Gidon & Mates, Lewis (2013). Grassroots Conservatism in Post-War Britain: A view from the bottom up. History 98(330): 202-225.
  • Mates, Lewis (2013). The Limits and Potential of Syndicalist Influence in the Durham Coalfield before the Great War. Labor History 54(1): 42-63.
  • Cohen, Gidon, Mates, Lewis & Flinn, Andrew (2012). Capture-Recapture Methods and Party Activism in Britain. The Journal of Interdisciplinary History 43(2): 247-274.
  • Mates, L.H. (2006). 'The North-East and the Campaigns for the Popular Front, 1938-39'. Northern History 43(2): 273-301.
  • Mates, Lewis (2006). Durham and South Wales Miners and the Spanish Civil War. Twentieth Century British History 17(3): 373-395.
  • Flinn, Andrew, Cohen, Gidon & Mates, Lewis (2005). 'National politicians and local political parties; Herbert Morrison and the South Lewisham Labour Party'. Lewisham History Journal 13: 29-60.
  • Mates, Lewis (2004). 'A 'Most Fruitful Period'? The North East District Communist Party and the Popular Front Period, 1935-39'. North East History 36: 54-98.
  • Mates, Lewis (2004). 'Britain's Popular Front? The Case of the Tyneside Foodship Campaign, 1938-1939'. Labour History Review 69(1): 35-57.