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Durham University

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Wilhelm Klingenberg, PhD Purdue University

Personal web page

Nat Sci Course Director, Associate Professor (Reader), Geometry in the Department of Mathematical Sciences
Telephone: +44 (0) 191 33 43069
Room number: CM332

Contact Wilhelm Klingenberg (email at

Research Groups

Department of Mathematical Sciences

  • Pure Mathematics: Geometry

Research Interests

  • Complex and Symplectic Differential Geometry
  • Geometric Analysis
  • Mathematical Optics

Selected Publications

Chapter in book

  • Guilfoyle, Brendan & Klingenberg, Wilhelm (2008). A neutral Kähler surface with applications in geometric optics. In Recent Developments in Pseudo-Riemannian Geometry. Alekseevsky, Dmitri V. & Baum, Helga Zürich: European Mathematical Society. 149-178.

Journal Article

  • Klingenberg, Wilhelm, Lambert, Ben & Ballesteros-Chavez, Daniel (Accepted). Prescribed $k$ symmetric curvature hypersurfaces in de Sitter space. Canadian Mathematical Bulletin
  • Guilfoyle, B. & Klingenberg, W. (2020). Fredholm-regularity of holomorphic discs in plane bundles over compact surfaces. Annales de la Faculté des Sciences de Toulouse 29(3): 565-576.
  • Guilfoyle, B. & Klingenberg, W. (2019). A global version of a classical result of Joachimsthal. Houston Journal of Mathematics 45(2): 455-467.
  • Guilfoyle, B. & Klingenberg, K. (2019). Mean Curvature Flow of Compact Spacelike Submanifolds in Higher Codimension. Transactions of the American Mathematical Society 372(9): 6263-6281.
  • Guilfoyle, B. & Klingenberg, W. (2018). Parabolic Classical Curvature Flows. Journal of the Australian Mathematical Society 104(3): 338-357.
  • Guilfoyle, Brendan & Klingenberg, Wilhelm (2016). A Converging Lagrangian Flow in the Space of Oriented Line. Kyushu Journal of Mathematics 70(2): 343-351.
  • Alekseevsky, D., Guilfoyle, B. & Klingenberg, W. (2016). Erratum to: On the geometry of the space of oriented geodesicd. Annals of Global Analysis and Geometry
  • Georgiou, N., Guilfoyle, B. & Klingenberg, W. (2016). Totally null surfaces in neutral Kähler 4-manifolds. Balkan Journal of Geometry and Its Applications 21(1): 27-41.
  • Alekseevsky, D.V., Guilfoyle, B. & Klingenberg, W. (2011). On the geometry of spaces of oriented geodesics. Annals of Global Analysis and Geometry 40(4): 389-409.
  • Guilfoyle, Brendan & Klingenberg, Wilhelm (2010). On Weingarten surfaces in Euclidean and Lorentzian 3-space. Differential Geometry and its Applications 28 (4): 454-468.
  • Guilfoyle, B. & Klingenberg, W. (2009). Geodesic flow on the normal congruence of a minimal surface. Progress in Mathematics 265: 429-438.
  • Guilfoyle, Brendan & Klingenberg, Wilhelm (2009). On C2-smooth Surfaces of Constant Width. Tbilisi Mathematical Journal 2 : 1-17.
  • Guilfoyle, Brendan & Klingenberg, Wilhelm (2008). Area-stationary surfaces in neutral Kähler 4-manifolds. Beiträge zur Algebra und Geometrie 49 (2): 481-490.
  • Klingenberg, Wilhelm & Guilfoyle, Brendan (2007). Geodesic Flow on Global Holomorphic Sections of TS^2. Bulletin of the Belgian Mathematical Society - Simon Stevin 14(2): 363-371.
  • Klingenberg, Wilhelm & Guilfoyle, Brendan (2006). Reflection in a translation invariant surface. Mathematical Physics, Analysis and Geometry 9(3): 225-231.

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