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Email and Telephone Directory

Staff Profile

Professor Sarah Atkinson, BA Anthropology, MSc Human Nutrition, PhD Anthropology

Professor in the Department of Geography
Telephone: +44 (0) 191 33 41871
Fax: +44 (0) 191 33 41801
Room number: 408
Associate Director in the Centre for Medical Humanities
Telephone: +44 (0) 191 33 48144
Room number: CA128, Caedmon Building, Leazes Road, Durham, DH1 1SZ
Fax: 3341801
Fellow and Co-Director (Belief, Understanding and Welllbeing) of the Wolfson Research Institute for Health and Wellbeing

(email at

Research Groups

Department of Geography

Research Interests

  • Arts, health and wellbeing
  • Critical Transitions
  • Social science for medical humanities
  • Spaces and practices of care of the body

Selected Publications

Books: edited

  • Atkinson, S., Fuller, S. & Painter, J. (2012). Wellbeing and place. Farnham: Ashgate.

Books: sections

  • Atkinson, S & Vaguet, A. (2011). La Mondialisation à la Loupe des Géographes de la Santé. In Santé et Géographie: Nouveaux Regards. Fleuret, S. & Hoyez, A. Economica, Paris. 15-37.

Journal papers: academic

  • Atkinson, S. (2013). Beyond components of wellbeing: the effects of relational and situated assemblage. Topoi 32(2): 137-144.
  • Atkinson, S. & White, M. (2013). Beyond the Local Agenda: International Perspectives in Community-based Arts and Health (Editorial for Special Issue of six papers). Arts & Health 5(3): 175-176.
  • Atkinson, S. & Rubidge, T. (2013). Managing the spatialities of arts-based practices with school children: an inter-disciplinary exploration of engagement, movement and well-being. Arts & Health 5(1): 39-50.
  • Atkinson, S. & Robson, M. (2012). Arts and health as a practice of liminality: managing the spaces of transformation for social and emotional wellbeing with primary school children. Health & Place 18(6): 1348-1355.
  • Swan, P.J. & Atkinson, S. (2012). Managing evaluation: a community arts organisation's perspective. Arts & Health 4(3): 217-229.
  • Atkinson, S. & Rubinelli, S. (2012). Narrative in cancer research and policy: voice, knowledge and context. Critical Reviews in Oncology/Hematology 84(Supplement 1): S11-S16.
  • Atkinson, S., Lawson, V. & Wiles, J. (2011). Care of the body: spaces of practice. Social and Cultural Geography 12(6): 563-572.
  • Atkinson, S. (2011). Moves to measure wellbeing must support a social model of health. British Medical Journal 343(7832): d7323
  • Atkinson, S. (2011). Scales of Care and Responsibility: debating the surgically globalised body. Social and Cultural Geography 12(6): 623-637.
  • Atkinson, S. & Joyce, K.E. (2011). The place and practices of wellbeing in local governance. Environment and Planning C 29(1): 133-148.
  • Atkinson, S., Macnaughton, J., Saunders, C. & Evans, M. (2010). Cool Intimacies of Care for Contemporary Clinical Practice. The Lancet 376(9754): 1732-1733.
  • Atkinson, S. & Ayers, A. (2010). The Potential of the Internet for Alternative Caring Practices for Health. Anthropology and Medicine 17(1): 75-86.
  • Atkinson, S. & Medeiros, R. (2009). Explanatory models of influences on the construction and expression of user satisfaction. Social Science and Medicine 68(11): 2089-2096.
  • Medeiros, R.L.M. & Atkinson, S. (2009). Health reform in Ceará the process of decentralization in the 1990s. [A Reforma de Saúde no Ceará o processo de descentralização na década de 1990]. O Público e o Privado 13: 11-27.
  • Medeiros, R.L.M. & Atkinson, S. (2009). Performance do sistema de saúde local e influências contingentes no Nordeste do Brasil: quebrando círculos viciosos e virtuosos. Ciência e Saúde Coletiva
  • Atkinson, S.J., Cohn, A., Ducci, M.E., Fernandes, L. & Smyth, F. (2008). Promotion and prevention within a decentralized framework: changing health care in Brazil and Chile. International Journal of Health Planning and Management 23(2): 153-171.

Journal papers: online

  • White, M. , Atkinson, S. & Meagher, M. Eds. (2013). International perspectives on the development of research-guided practice in community-based arts in health. Special Issue of eleven papers and an overview. UNESCO Observatory: Journal of multidisciplinary research in the arts 3(3 November).

Other publications: research

  • Atkinson, S., Macnaughton, J. & Scott, K. (2010). Dancing the Curriculum: a research report on the Dance and Learning Inspired (DALI) project. Centre for Medical Humanities, Durham:

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