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Professor Clare McGlynn - all publications

Authored book

  • Henry, N., McGlynn, C., Flynn, A., Johnson, K. , Powell, A. & Scott, A. (2020). Image-Based Sexual Abuse: A Study on the Causes and Consequences of Non-Consensual Nude or Sexual Imagery. Routledge.
  • McGlynn, C. M. S. (2006). Families and the European Union: law, politics and pluralism. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
  • McGlynn, C.M.S. (1998). The Woman Lawyer - making the difference. London: Butterworths.

Edited book

  • Hunter, Rosemary. McGlynn, Clare. & Rackley, Erika. (2010). Feminist Judgments: From Theory to Practice. Oxford: Hart Publishing.
  • McGlynn, Clare. and & Munro, Vanessa. (2010). Rethinking Rape Law: international and comparative perspectives. London: Routledge.
  • McGlynn, C. (1998). Legal Feminisms: theory and practice. Ashgate.

Chapter in book

  • Vera-Gray, F. & McGlynn, C. (2020). 'Regulating pornography: Developments in evidence, theory, and law'. In Research Handbook on Gender, Sexuality, and Law. Ashford, C. & Maine, A. Edward Elgar. 471-483.
  • McGlynn, C., Downes, J. & Westmarland, N. (2017). Seeking Justice for Survivors of Sexual Violence: recognition, voice and consequences. In Restorative Responses to Sexual Violence: Legal, Social and Therapeutic Dimensions. Zinsstag, E. & Keenan, M. Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge. 179-191.
  • McGlynn, C (2010). Feminist activism and rape law reform in England and Wales: a Sisyphean struggle? In Rethinking Rape Law: international and comparative perspectives. McGlynn, Clare & Munro, Vanessa London: Routledge. 139-153.
  • Hunter, Rosemary McGlynn, Clare & Rackley, Erika (2010). Feminist Judgments: An Introduction. In Feminist Judgments: From Theory to Practice. Hunter, Rosemary McGlynn, Clare & Rackley, Erika Oxford: Hart Publishing. 3-29.
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  • McGlynn, C (2010). R v A (no 2): a feminist judgment. In Feminist Judgments: from theory to practice. Hunter, R., McGlynn, C. & Rackley, E. Oxford: Hart. 211-227.
  • McGlynn, Clare (2007). Families and European Union Law. In Family Life and the Law: under one roof. Probert, R Aldershot: Ashgate.
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  • McGlynn, C.M.S. (2002). Strategies for Reforming the English Solicitors' profession: An Analysis of the Business Case for Sex Equality. In Women in the World's Legal Professions. Schultz U & Shaw G Hart.
  • McGlynn, C.M.S. (2002). The Status of Women Lawyers in the United Kingdom. In Schultz U & Shaw G Hart.
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Journal Article

  • McGlynn, Clare & Johnson, Kelly (Published). Criminalising cyberflashing: options for law reform. Journal of Criminal Law
  • McGlynn, Clare, Johnson, Kelly, Rackley, Erika, Henry, Nicola, Gavey, Nicola, Flynn, Asher & Powell, Anastasia (2020). ‘It’s torture for the soul’ The Harms of Image-Based Sexual Abuse. Social & Legal Studies
  • Eaton, Asia E & McGlynn, Clare (2020). The psychology of nonconsensual porn: Understanding and addressing a growing form of sexual violence. Policy Insights from the Behavioral and Brain Sciences 7(2): 190-197.
  • McGlynn, Clare & Westmarland, Nicole (2019). Kaleidoscopic Justice: Sexual Violence and Victim-Survivors’ Perceptions of Justice. Social and Legal Studies 28(2): 179-201.
  • McGlynn, Clare & Bows, Hannah (2019). Possessing Extreme Pornography: policing, prosecutions and the need for reform. Journal of Criminal Law 83(6): 473-488.
  • McGlynn, Clare (2018). Challenging the law on sexual history evidence: a response to Dent and Paul. Criminal Law Review 2018(3): 216-228.
  • McGlynn, Clare, Westmarland, Nicole & Johnson, Kelly (2018). Under the radar: the widespread use of 'Out of Court resolutions' in policing domestic violence and abuse in the United Kingdom. British journal of criminology 58(1): 1-16.
  • Westmarland, N., McGlynn, C. & Humphreys, C. (2018). Using restorative justice approaches to police domestic violence and abuse. Journal of Gender-Based Violence 2(2): 339-358.
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Newspaper/Magazine Article

  • McGlynn, C. (2018). The law must protect all victims of image-based sexual abuse, not just 'upskirting'. Huffington Post
  • McGlynn, Clare (2018). The Upskirting Bill Must Focus On Victims, Not Perpetrators' Motives. Huffington Post
  • McGlynn, C (2018). Why laws on sexual history evidence still need reform. Huffington Post
  • McGlynn, Clare & O'Donoghue, Aoife (2017). Policing Upskirting: it’s serious, not funny. Huffington Post
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  • McGlynn, Clare & Rackley, Erika (2015). More than just 'revenge porn': tackling the misuse of private sexual images. Holyrood
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  • McGlynn, Clare & Rackley, Erika (2015). The new law against 'revenge porn' is welcome, but no guarantee of success. The Conversation
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  • McGlynn, Clare & Rackley, Erika (2014). The law must focus on consent when it tackles revenge porn. The Conversation
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  • McGlynn, C (2009). Is big brother in the bedroom? No. The Scotsman (Sunday 18 January 2009 ).
  • McGlynn, C. (1998). A law unto themselves? Times higher educational supplement
  • McGlynn, C & Rubens, T (1998). Some way to go before we find equality. The Times
  • McGlynn, C (1997). The time is ripe for parental leave. The Times
  • McGlynn, C (1997). Where men still rule. The Times

Other (Print)

  • McGlynn, C, Rackley, E & Westmarland, N (2007). Positions on the Politics of Porn: a debate on Government plans to criminalise the possession of extreme pornography.


  • McGlynn, Clare, Rackley, Erika, Johnson, Kelly, Henry, Nicola, Flynn, Asher, Powell, Anastasia, Gavey, Nicola & Scott, Adrian (2019). Shattering Lives and Myths: A Report on Image-Based Sexual Abuse. Durham University; University of Kent.