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Durham University

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Dr Mike Burt

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I am involved in the study of face perception from many different perspectives. Recently, I have become interested in the perception of facial expressions. I also work on hemispheric biases in face perception, the perception of different facial attributes (e.g. age, gender, health and attractiveness) and aspects of face perception related to evolutionary psychology.

Research Groups

Department of Psychology

Research Interests

  • Evolutionary psychology
  • Facial expression recognition

Teaching Areas

  • Emotion and Social Cognition
  • Psychology, Project and Statistics

Selected Publications

Journal Article

  • Burt, D.M. & Hausmann, M. (2019). Hemispheric Asymmetries in Categorical Facial Expression Perception. Emotion 19(4): 584-592.
  • Jucker, J. L., Thornborrow, T., Beierholm, U., Burt, D. M., Barton, R. A., Evans, E. H., Jamieson, M. & Boothroyd, L. G. (2017). Nutritional status and the influence of TV consumption on female body size ideals in populations recently exposed to the media. Scientific Reports 7(1): 8438.
  • Innes, R. B., Burt, D. M., Birch, Y. K. & Hausmann, M. (2016). A leftward bias however you look at it: revisiting the emotional chimeric face task as a tool for measuring emotion lateralization. Laterality 21(4-6): 643-661.
  • Boothroyd, L.G., Jucker, J.L., Thornborrow, T., Jamieson, M.A., Burt, D.M., Barton, R.A., Evans, E.H. & Tovée, M. J. (2016). Television exposure predicts body size ideals in rural Nicaragua. British Journal of Psychology 107(4): 752-767.
  • Vukovic, J., Boothroyd, L.G., Meins, E. & Burt, D.M. (2015). Concurrent parent–child relationship quality is associated with an imprinting-like effect in children’s facial preferences. Evolution and Human Behavior 36(4): 331-336.
  • Martínez-Castilla, P., Burt, M., Borgatti, R. & Gagliardi, C. (2015). Facial emotion recognition in Williams syndrome and Down syndrome: A matching and developmental study. Child Neuropsychology 21(5): 668-692.
  • Robinson, L.J., Gray, J.M., Burt, M., Ferrier, I.N. & Gallagher, P. (2015). Processing of Facial Emotion in Bipolar Depression and Euthymia. Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society 21(09): 709-721.
  • Wiedemann, D., Burt, D.M., Hill, R.A. & Barton, R.A. (2015). Red clothing increases perceived dominance, aggression and anger. Biology Letters 11(5): 20150166.

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