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Prof Simon Cornish, MA (Oxon), DPhil

Professor in the Department of Physics
Telephone: +44 (0) 191 33 43574
Room number: 102
Head of Section for Quantum Light and Matter

(email at

Research Groups

Department of Physics

  • Quantum Light and Matter

Selected Publications

Journal Article

  • Helm, J. L., Billam, T. P., Rakonjac, A., Cornish, S. L. & Gardiner, S. A. (2018). Spin-Orbit-Coupled Interferometry with Ring-Trapped Bose-Einstein Condensates. Physical Review Letters 120(6): 063201
  • Gregory, P.D., Blackmore, J.A., Aldegunde, J., Hutson, J.M. & Cornish, S.L. (2017). AC Stark Effect in Ultracold Polar 87Rb133Cs Molecules. Physical Review A 96(2): 021402(R).
  • Guttridge, A., Hopkins, S.A., Kemp, S.L., Frye, M.D., Hutson, J.M. & Cornish, S.L. (2017). Interspecies thermalization in an ultracold mixture of Cs and Yb in an optical trap. Physical Review A 96(1): 012704.
  • Hopkins, S.A., Butler, K., Guttridge, A., Kemp, S., Cornish, S.L., Freytag, R., Hinds, E.A. & Tarbutt, M.R. (2016). A versatile dual-species Zeeman slower for caesium and ytterbium. Review of Scientific Instruments 87(4): 043109.
  • Gregory, P.D., Aldegunde, J., Hutson, J.M. & Cornish, S.L. (2016). Controlling the rotational and hyperfine state of ultracold Rb87Cs133 molecules. Physical Review A 94(4): 041403(R).
  • Guttridge, A., Hopkins, S. A., Kemp, S. L., Boddy, D., Freytag, R., Jones, M. P. A., Tarbutt, M. R., Hinds, E. A. & Cornish, S. L. (2016). Direct loading of a large Yb MOT on the 1S0 → 3P1 transition. Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics 49(14): 145006.
  • Molony, P.K., Kumar, A., Gregory, P.D., Kliese, R., Puppe, T., Le Sueur, C.R., Aldegunde, J., Hutson, J.M. & Cornish, S.L. (2016). Measurement of the binding energy of ultracold 87Rb133Cs molecules using an offset-free optical frequency comb. Physical Review A 94(2): 022507.
  • Rakonjac, A., Marchant, A.L., Billam, T.P., Helm, J.L., Yu, M.M.H., Gardiner, S.A. & Cornish, S.L. (2016). Measuring the disorder of vortex lattices in a Bose-Einstein condensate. Physical Review A 93(1): 013607.
  • Kemp, S.L., Butler, K.L., Freytag, R., Hopkins, S.A., Hinds, E.A., Tarbutt, M.R. & Cornish, S.L. (2016). Production and characterisation of a dual species magneto-optical trap of cesium and ytterbium. Review of Scientific Instruments 87(2): 023105.
  • Molony, P.K., Gregory, P.D., Kumar, A., Le Sueur, C.R., Hutson, J.M. & Cornish, S.L. (2016). Production of ultracold 87Rb133Cs in the absolute ground state: complete characterisation of the STIRAP transfer. ChemPhysChem 17(22): 3811-3817.
  • Marchant, A.L., Billam, T.P., Yu, M.M.H., Rakonjac, A., Helm, J.L., Polo, J., Weiss, C., Gardiner, S.A. & Cornish, S.L. (2016). Quantum reflection of bright solitary matter waves from a narrow attractive potential. Physical Review A 93(2): 021604(R).
  • Liu, I.-K., Pattinson, R.W., Billam, T.P., Gardiner, S.A., Cornish, S.L., Huang, T.-M., Lin, W.-W., Gou, S.-C., Parker, N.G. & Proukakis, N.P. (2016). Stochastic growth dynamics and composite defects in quenched immiscible binary condensates. Physical Review A 93(2): 023628.
  • Weiss, C., Cornish, S.L., Gardiner, S.A. & Breuer, H.-P. (2016). Superballistic center-of-mass motion in one-dimensional attractive Bose gases: Decoherence-induced Gaussian random walks in velocity space. Physical Review A 93(1): 103605.
  • Gregory, P. D., Molony, P. K., Köppinger, M. P., Kumar, A., Ji, Z., Lu, B., Marchant, A. L. & Cornish, S. L. (2015). A simple, versatile laser system for the creation of ultracold ground state molecules. New Journal of Physics 17: 055006.
  • Hanley, Ryan K., Gregory, Philip D., Hughes, Ifan G. & Cornish, Simon L. (2015). Absolute absorption on the potassium D lines: theory and experiment. Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics 48(19): 195004.
  • Helm, J.L., Cornish, S.L. & Gardiner, S.A. (2015). Sagnac interferometry using bright matter-wave solitons. Physical Review Letters 114(13): 134101.
  • Molony, Peter K., Gregory, Philip D., Ji, Zhonghua, Lu, Bo, Köppinger, Michael P., Le Sueur, C. Ruth, Blackley, Caroline L., Hutson, Jeremy M. & Cornish, Simon L. (2014). Creation of Ultracold 87Rb133Cs Molecules in the Rovibrational Ground State. Physical Review Letters 113(25): 255301.
  • Köppinger, M.P., McCarron, D.J., Jenkin, D.L., Molony, P.K., Cho, H.W., Cornish, S.L., Le Sueur, C.R., Blackley, C.L. & Hutson, J.M. (2014). Production of optically trapped 87RbCs Feshbach molecules. Physical Review A: atomic, molecular and optical physics 89(3): 033604.
  • Fan, Isaac, Chang, Chun-Yu, Wang, Li-Bang, Cornish, Simon L., Shy, Jow-Tsong & Liu, Yi-Wei (2014). Refined determination of the muonium-deuterium 1S-2S isotope shift through improved frequency calibration of iodine lines. Physical Review A 89(3): 032513.
  • Köppinger, M.P., Gregory, P.D., Jenkin, D.L., McCarron, D.J., Marchant, A.L. & Cornish, S.L. (2014). Repeated output coupling of ultracold Feshbach molecules from a Cs BEC. New Journal of Physics 16(11): 115016.
  • Marchant, A.L., Billam, T.P., Wiles, T.P., Yu, M.M.H., Gardiner, S.A. & Cornish, S.L. (2013). Controlled formation and reflection of a bright solitary matter-wave. Nature Communications 4: 1865.
  • Pattinson, R. W., Billam, T. P., Gardiner, S. A., McCarron, D. J., Cho, H. W., Cornish, S. L., Parker, N. G. & Proukakis, N. P. (2013). Equilibrium solutions for immiscible two-species Bose-Einstein condensates in perturbed harmonic traps. Physical Review A 87(1): 013625.
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  • Cho, H.W., McCarron, D.J., Koppinger, M.P., Jenkin, D.L., Butler, K.L., Julienne, P.S., Blackley, C.L., Le Sueur, C.R., Hutson, J.M. & Cornish, S.L. (2013). Feshbach spectroscopy of an ultracold mixture of Rb-85 and Cs-133. Physical Review A 87(1): 010703(R).
  • Gertjerenken, B., Billam, T.P., Blackley, C.L., Le Sueur, C.R., Khaykovich, L., Cornish, S.L. & Weiss, C. (2013). Generating Mesoscopic Bell States via Collisions of Distinguishable Quantum Bright Solitons. Physical Review Letters 111(10): 100406.
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Conference Proceeding

  • Claussen, NR, Cornish, SL, Roberts, JL, Cornell, EA & Wieman, CE (2001). Rb-85 BEC near a Feshbach resonance. ATOMIC PHYSICS 17.

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