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Dr Olga Demetriou - all publications

Authored book

  • Demetriou, Olga M. (2018). Refugeehood and the Post Conflict Subject: Reconsidering Minor Losses. New York State University of New York Press.
  • Demetriou, Olga (2013). Capricious Borders: Minority, Population, and Counter-Conduct between Greece and Turkey. Berghahn Books.

Edited book

  • Demetriou, Olga & Dimova, Rozita (2018). The Political Materialities of Borders: New Theoretical Directions. Rethinking Borders. Manchester: Manchester University Press.

Chapter in book

  • Demetriou, Olga & Hadjipavlou, Maria (2020). Women and Peace Negotiations in Cyprus. In The Palgrave Encyclopedia of Peace and Conflict Studies. Richmond, Oliver & Visoka, Gezim Palgrave. online.
  • Demetriou, Olga (2018). Materiality, imbrication, and the longue durée of Greco-Turkish borders. In The political materialities of borders: New theoretical directions. Demetriou, Olga & Dimova, Rozita Manchester University Press. 16-35.
  • Demetriou, Olga & Dimova, Rozita (2018). Theorising material / nonmaterial mediations on the border. In The political materialities of borders: New theoretical directions. Demetriou, Olga & Dimova, Rozita Manchester University Press. 1-15.
  • Demetriou, Olga (2015). Grand Ruins: Ledra Palace Hotel and the Rendering of ‘Conflict’ as Heritage in Cyprus. In War and Cultural Heritage: Biographies of Place. Stig Sørensen, Marie Louise & Viejo-Rose, Dacia Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 183-207.
  • Demetriou, Olga, Mavris, John C. & Christou, Georgina (2011). Becoming Good Neighbours in Cyprus. In Negotiating Multicultural Europe: Borders, Networks, Neighbourhoods. Armbruster, Heidi & Meinhof, Ulrike London: Palgrave Macmillan. 25-44.
  • Demetriou, Olga (2009). Catalysis, catachresis: the EU's impact on the Cyprus conflict. In The European Union and Border Conflicts. Diez, Thomas, Albert, Mathias & Stetter, Stephan 64-93.

Journal Article

  • Demetriou, Olga & Erdal Ilican, Murat (2019). A peace of bricks and mortar: thinking ceasefire landscapes with Gramsci. International Journal of Heritage Studies 25(9): 897-913.
  • Demetriou, Olga (2019). Complementary Protection and the Recognition Rate as Tools of Governance: Ordering Europe, fragmenting Rights. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies
  • Demetriou, Olga & Hadjipavlou, Maria (2018). The Impact of Women's Activism on the Peace Negotiations in Cyprus. Nationalism and Ethnic Politics 24(1): 50-65.
  • Demetriou, Olga (2016). Counter-Conduct and the Everyday: Anthropological Engagements with Philosophy. Global Society 30(2): 218-237.
  • Demetriou, Olga (2014). ‘Struck by the Turks’ reflections on Armenian refugeehood in Cyprus. Patterns of Prejudice 48(2): 167-181.
  • Demetriou, Olga & Hadjipavlou, Maria (2014). a feminist position on sharing governmental power and forging citizenship in Cyprus: proposals for the ongoing peace negotiations. Feminist Review 107(1): 98-106.
  • Constantinou, Costas M., Demetriou, Olga & Hatay, Mete (2012). Conflicts and Uses of Cultural Heritage in Cyprus. Journal of Balkan and Near Eastern Studies 14(2): 177-198.
  • Demetriou, Olga (2012). The Militarization of Opulence. International Feminist Journal of Politics 14(1): 56-77.
  • Demetriou, Olga (2008). Reading the Paratexts of the Cyprus Conflict: Policy, Science and the Pursuit of 'Objectivity'. The Cyprus Review 20(1): 93-113.
  • Demetriou, Olga (2007). To cross or not to cross? Subjectivization and the absent state in Cyprus. Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute 13(4): 987-1006.
  • Demetriou, Olga (2006). Owing the Seed: The Discursive Economy of Sex Migration among Turkish-speaking Minority Urbanites in the Postsocialist Balkan Periphery. Identities 13(2): 261-282.
  • Demetriou, Olga (2006). Streets Not Named: Discursive Dead Ends and the Politics of Orientation in Intercommunal Spatial Relations in Northern Greece. Cultural Anthropology 21(2): 295-321.
  • Demetriou, Olga (2005). The Original Turkish State: Opposing Nationalism in Nationalist Terms. New Perspectives on Turkey 33: 93-119.
  • Demetriou, Olga (2004). Prioritizing ‘ethnicities’ The ­uncertainty of Pomak-ness in the urban Greek Rhodoppe. Ethnic and Racial Studies 27(1): 95-119.
  • Demetriou, Olga (2004). The Turkish Oedipus: National Self and Stereotype in the Work of a 1960s Greek Cartoonist 1. History and Anthropology 15(1): 69-89.