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Durham University

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Dr Ben Alderson-Day

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Associate Professor (Research) in the Department of Psychology
Telephone: +44 (0) 191 33 48147
Room number: CA121

Contact Dr Ben Alderson-Day (email at


I joined the department as a Postdoctoral Research Associate in November 2012. Prior to this I completed my PhD in Psychology at the University of Edinburgh, and worked as a Research Co-ordinator for Lime Trees Child & Adolescent Mental Health team in the NHS in York.

Since 2012 I have been a member of Hearing the Voice, an interdisciplinary research project on auditory verbal hallucinations (or voice-hearing) funded by the Wellcome Trust. In 2015 I became a co-investigator for the project, which will finish in 2020. 


I am interested in inner speech and the interactions between cognition and language in typical and atypical development. My work has included research on executive function and categorisation in autism spectrum disorders, semantic and problem-solving skills in deafness, and hallucination experiences in clinical and non-clinical populations.

Reviewing & Editing

Ad-Hoc Reviewing: Autism Research, Biological Psychiatry, British Journal of Psychiatry, Cognitive Development, Cognitive Science, Cognitive Neuropsychiatry, Consciousness & Cognition, Early Childhood Research Quarterly, Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, Human Brain Mapping, Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology, Journal of Autism & Developmental Disorders, Journal of Behavior Therapy & Experimental Psychiatry, Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, Journal of Psychiatric Research, Lancet Psychiatry, Neuroimage: Clinical, Neuroscience of Consciousness, Psychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences, Psychiatry Research: Neuroimaging, Psychological Medicine, Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders, Research in Developmental Disabilites, Review of Philosophy & Psychology, Scandinavian Journal of Psychology, Schizophrenia Bulletin, Translational Psychiatry

Editing: Guest Editor, Review of Philosophy & Psychology, "Voices and Thoughts in Psychosis" Special Issue.

Research Groups

Department of Psychology

Research Interests

  • Developmental Psychopathology
  • Voice-hearing and Schizophrenia
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Executive Functioning

Selected Publications

Journal Article

  • Collins, Luke C., Semino, Elena, Demjén, Zsófia, Hardie, Andrew, Moseley, Peter, Woods, Angela & Alderson-Day, Ben (2020). A linguistic approach to the psychosis continuum: (dis)similarities and (dis)continuities in how clinical and non-clinical voice-hearers talk about their voices. Cognitive Neuropsychiatry
  • Moffatt, Jamie, Mitrenga, Kaja Julia, Alderson-Day, Ben, Moseley, Peter & Fernyhough, Charles (2020). Inner experience differs in rumination and distraction without a change in electromyographical correlates of inner speech. PLOS ONE 15(9): e0238920.
  • Kafadar, Eren, Mittal, Vijay A., Strauss, Gregory P., Chapman, Hannah C., Ellman, Lauren M., Bansal, Sonia, Gold, James M., Alderson-Day, Ben, Evans, Samuel, Moffatt, Jamie, Silverstein, Steven M., Walker, Elaine F., Woods, Scott W., Corlett, Philip R. & Powers, Albert R. (2020). Modeling perception and behavior in individuals at clinical high risk for psychosis: Support for the predictive processing framework. Schizophrenia Research
  • Dodgson, Guy, Alderson-Day, Ben, Smailes, David, Ryles, Faye, Mayer, Claire, Glen-Davison, Joanne, Mitrenga, Kaja & Fernyhough, Charles (2020). Tailoring cognitive behavioural therapy to subtypes of voice-hearing using a novel tabletised manual: a feasibility study. Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapy
  • Alderson-Day, Ben, Woods, Angela, Moseley, Peter, Dodgson, Guy, Deamer, Felicity, Common, Stephanie & Fernyhough, Charles (2020). Voice-Hearing and Personification: Characterizing Social Qualities of Auditory Verbal Hallucinations in Early Psychosis. Schizophrenia Bulletin
  • Luhrmann, Tanya Marie, Alderson-Day, Ben, Bell, Vaughan, Bless, Josef J, Corlett, Philip, Hugdahl, Kenneth, Jones, Nev, Larøi, Frank, Moseley, Peter, Padmavati, Ramachandran, Peters, Emmanuelle, Powers, Albert R & Waters, Flavie (2019). Beyond Trauma: A Multiple Pathways Approach to Auditory Hallucinations in Clinical and Nonclinical Populations. Schizophrenia Bulletin 45(Supplement_1): S24-S31.
  • Corlett, Philip R., Horga, Guillermo, Fletcher, Paul C., Alderson-Day, Ben, Schmack, Katharina & Powers, Albert R. (2019). Hallucinations and Strong Priors. Trends in Cognitive Sciences 23(2): 114.
  • Alderson-Day, B., Smailes, D., Moffatt, J., Mitrenga, K., Moseley, P. & Fernyhough, C. (2019). Intentional inhibition but not source memory is related to hallucination-proneness and intrusive thoughts in a university sample. Cortex 113: 267-278.
  • Thomas, Neil, Bless, Josef J, Alderson-Day, Ben, Bell, Imogen H, Cella, Matteo, Craig, Tom, Delespaul, Philippe, Hugdahl, Kenneth, Laloyaux, Julien, Larøi, Frank, Lincoln, Tania M, Schlier, Björn, Urwyler, Prabitha, van den Berg, David & Jardri, Renaud (2019). Potential Applications of Digital Technology in Assessment, Treatment, and Self-help for Hallucinations. Schizophrenia Bulletin 45(Supplement_1): S32-S42.
  • Alderson-Day, B., Mitrenga, K., Wilkinson, S., McCarthy-Jones, S. & Fernyhough, C. (2018). The varieties of inner speech questionnaire – Revised (VISQ-R): Replicating and refining links between inner speech and psychopathology. Consciousness & Cognition 65: 48-58.
  • Alderson-Day, Ben & Jones, Nev (2018). Understanding AVATAR therapy: who, or what, is changing? The Lancet Psychiatry 5(1): 2.
  • Alderson-Day, B., Lima, C., Evans, S., Krishnan, S., Shanmugalingam, P., Fernyhough, C. & Scott, S. (2017). Distinct Processing of Ambiguous Speech in People with Non-Clinical Auditory Verbal Hallucinations. Brain 140(9): 2475-2489.
  • Garrison, J. R., Moseley, P. Alderson-Day, B., Smailes, D., Fernyhough, C. & Simons, J. S. (2017). Testing continuum models of psychosis: No reduction in source monitoring ability in healthy individuals prone to auditory hallucinations. Cortex 91: 197-207.
  • Alderson-Day, B., Bernini, M. & Fernyhough, C. (2017). Uncharted features and dynamics of reading: Voices, characters, and crossing of experiences. Consciousness and Cognition 49: 98-109.
  • Alderson-Day, Ben, Diederen, Kelly, Fernyhough, Charles, Ford, Judith M., Horga, Guillermo, Margulies, Daniel S., McCarthy-Jones, Simon, Northoff, Georg, Shine, James M., Turner, Jessica, van de Ven, Vincent, van Lutterveld, Remko, Waters, Flavie & Jardri, Renaud (2016). Auditory Hallucinations and the Brain’s Resting-State Networks: Findings and Methodological Observations. Schizophrenia Bulletin 42(5): 1110-1123.
  • Alderson-Day, B. & Fernyhough, C. (2016). Auditory verbal hallucinations: Social, but how? Journal of Consciousness Studies 23(7-8): 163-194.
  • Hurlburt, Russell T., Alderson-Day, Ben, Kühn, Simone & Fernyhough, Charles (2016). Exploring the Ecological Validity of Thinking on Demand: Neural Correlates of Elicited vs. Spontaneously Occurring Inner Speech. PLoS ONE 11(2): e0147932.
  • Alderson-Day, B., Weis, S., McCarthy-Jones, S., Moseley, P., Smailes, D. & Fernyhough, C. (2016). The brain’s conversation with itself: neural substrates of dialogic inner speech. Social Cognitive & Affective Neuroscience 11(1): 110-120.
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  • Johns, L. C., Kompus, K., Connell, M., Humpston, C., Lincoln, T. M., Longden, E., Preti, A., Alderson-Day, B., Badcock, J. C., Cella, M., Fernyhough, C., McCarthy-Jones, S., Peters, E., Raballo, A., Scott, J., Siddi, S., Sommer, I. & Larøi, F. (2014). Auditory verbal hallucinations in persons with and without a need for care. Schizophrenia Bulletin 40(Suppl 4): S255-S264.
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  • Alderson-Day, B. (2014). Verbal Problem-Solving Difficulties in Autism Spectrum Disorders and Atypical Language Development. Autism Research 7(6): 720-730.
  • McGonigle-Chalmers, M, Alderson-Day, B, Fleming, J & Monsen, K (2013). Profound Expressive Language Impairment in Low Functioning Children with Autism: An Investigation of Syntactic Awareness Using a Computerised Learning Task. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders 43(9): 2062-2081.
  • Wright, B., Alderson-Day, B., Prendergast, G., Bennett, S., Jordan, J., Whitton, C., Gouws, A., Jones, N., Attur, R., Tomlinson, H. & Green, G. (2012). Gamma activation in young people with autism spectrum disorders and typically-developing controls when viewing emotions on faces. PLoS ONE 7(7): e41326.
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  • Alderson-Day, B (2011). Verbal problem-solving in autism spectrum disorders: A problem of plan construction? Autism Research 4(6): 401-411.

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