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Durham University

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Staff Profile

Miss Joanne Louise Robson, Human Genetics BSc

Light Microscopy Technician in the Department of Biosciences
Telephone: +44 (0) 191 33 41333
Room number: 137

Contact Miss Joanne Louise Robson (email at


Journal Article

  • Finnegan, Sorcha, Robson, Joanne, Scaife, Caitriona, McAllister, Catherine, Pennington, Stephen R., Gibson, David S. & Rooney, Madeleine E. (2014). Synovial membrane protein expression differs between juvenile idiopathic arthritis subtypes in early disease. Arthritis Research & Therapy 16: R8.
  • Foster, C.R., Robson, J.L., Simon, J.W., Twigg, J., Cruikshank, D., Wilson, R.G. & Hutchison, C.J. (2011). The role of Lamin A in cytoskeleton organization in colorectal cancer cells: a proteomic investigation. Nucleus 2(5): 434.
  • Sorcha Finnegan Joanne Robson Paul M. Hocking Manir Ali, Chris F. Inglehearn Alan Stitt & William J. Curry. (2010). Proteomic profiling of the retinal dysplasia and degeneration chick retina. Molecular Vision 16: 7-17.
  • Finnegan, Sorcha, Robson, Joanne L., Wylie, Mildred, Healy, Adrienne, Stitt, Alan W. & Curry, William J. (2008). Protein expression profiling during chick retinal maturation: a proteomics-based approach. Proteome Science 6(1): 34.
  • Tompson, W.J. Victor L. Ruiz-Perez. Helen J. Blair Stephanie Barton Victoria Navarro Joanne L Robson , Michael J Wright & Judith A Goodship (2007). Sequencing EVC and EVC2 identifies mutations in two-thirds of Ellis-van Creveld syndrome patients. Human Genetics 120(5): 663-670.

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