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Durham University

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Dr Charidimos Koutris

Programme Assistant to the MA in Spirituality, Theology & Health, Teaching Assistant, Research Assistant & Web Manager in the Department of Theology and Religion

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I was born in Thessaloniki, Greece, where I got my BA in Theology at the School of Theology, Faculty of Theology of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH). At the same institution I also got my MA with "Excellent" in Systematic, Dogmatic and Symbolic Theology. 

At Durham University, I got my PhD in Theology and Religion in the field of Dogmatic and Symbolic Theology, and the History of Doctrines at the Department of Theology and Religion of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities.

I speak English, Greek, Spanish, French and German, and I have been publishing academic books and articles in English and in Greek. 

I have Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) in the UK and in Greece, with 25 years of teaching experience in academic and non-academic environments.

My experience in the Department of Theology and Religion includes working as:

At Durham University, I have also worked:

While nationally and internationally I have collaborated with:

In Greece, I have co-founded the Postgraduate Students Association of the School of Theology, Faculty of Theology of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH).

Awards & Nominations

Research Interests

  • Christology
  • Dogmatic Theology
  • Early Christian Doctrine
  • Eastern Orthodox theology
  • Ecclesiology
  • Ecumenical Councils
  • Evolutionary Theology
  • Free Will / Autexousion (αὐτεξούσιον [afteksúsion])
  • God and Evil
  • Gospel-book
  • Hamartiology 
  • History of Christianity
  • History of Doctrines
  • Infallibility
  • John of Damascus
  • Patristics
  • Pneumatology
  • Soteriology
  • Spirituality, Theology and Health
  • Symbolic Theology
  • Systematic Theology
  • Trinitarianism


Authored book

Journal Article

  • Koutris, Charidimos (2021). On Infallibility: a study on the creation and evolution of the term within the limits of Christianity, with a particular reference on its interpretive understanding and use in the Eastern Orthodox Church. Theologia 92(4).
  • Koutris, Charidimos (2020). "Study, therefore, to be established in the doctrines of the Lord and the apostles, so that all the things you do may prosper in flesh and spirit, in faith and love": introductory comments on doctrine. Symbol-e 9(2).
  • Koutris, Charidimos (2020). Athanasius of Alexandria and the authority of Nicaea I: The Language of the 'De Decretis'. Orizonturi Teologice 2020(2): 133-159.
  • Koutris, Charidimos (2020). The Authority of the Council of Nicaea according to Athanasius of Alexandria.
  • Koutris, Charidimos (2020). The Notion of Creation in the works of saint John of Damascus. Synthesis
  • Koutris, Charidimos (2020). The Ontology of Man in the works of saint John of Damascus. Synthesis

Doctoral Thesis

Translated Book