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Durham University

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Dr David Hoyle, PhD MMath

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Research Associate in the Department of Chemistry
Telephone: +44 (0) 191 33 42149
Room number: MC105
Research Associate in the Department of Physics
Telephone: +44 (0) 191 33 43655
Room number: 117a

(email at

Durham Centre for Soft Matter

2010 - 2011: Chemistry (Experimental Rheology),
2011 - 2012: Engineering and Computer Science (Experimental Rheology),
2012 - 2016: Physics (Theoretical Rheology)

Assistant Professor:
2017 - Department of Mathematical Sciences

Research Associate:
2018 - Department of Chemistry

Research Groups

Centre for Materials Physics

  • Theory and simulation of soft condensed matter and biological physics

Selected Publications

Journal Article

  • Boothroyd, S.C., Hoyle, D.M. , McLeish, T.C.B., Munch, E., Schach, R., Smith, A.J. & Thompson, R.L. (2019). Association and Relaxation of Supra-Macromolecular Polymers. Soft Matter 15(26): 5296-5307.
  • Hoyle, D.M. & Fielding, S.M. (2017). Necking after extensional filament stretching of complex fluids and soft solids. Journal of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics 247: 132-145.
  • Hoyle, David M & Fielding, Suzanne M (2016). Criteria for extensional necking instability in complex fluids and soft solids. Part I: Imposed Hencky strain rate protocol. Journal of Rheology 60(6): 1347-1375.
  • Hoyle, David M & Fielding, Suzanne M (2016). Criteria for extensional necking instability in complex fluids and soft solids. Part II: Imposed tensile stress and force protocols. Journal of Rheology 60(6): 1377-1397.
  • Hou, S., Hoyle, D. M., Blackwell, C. J., Haernvall, K., Perz, V., Guebitz, G. M. & Khosravi, E. (2016). Hydrolytic degradation of ROMP thermosetting materials catalysed by bio-derived acids and enzymes: from networks to linear materials. Green Chemistry 18(19): 5190-5199.
  • Hoyle, David M. & Fielding, Suzanne M. (2015). Age-Dependent Modes of Extensional Necking Instability in Soft Glassy Materials. Physical Review Letters 114(15): 158301.
  • Hoyle, David M., Auhl, D., Harlen, O. G., Barroso, V. C., Wilhelm, M. & McLeish, T. C. B. (2014). Large amplitude oscillatory shear and Fourier transform rheology analysis of branched polymer melts. Journal of Rheology 58(4): 969-997.
  • Hoyle, David M., Huang, Q., Auhl, D., Hassell, D., Rasmussen, H. K., Skov, A. L., Harlen, O. G., Hassager, O. & McLeish, T. C. B. (2013). Transient overshoot extensional rheology of long-chain branched polyethylenes: Experimental and numerical comparisons between filament stretching and cross-slot flow. Journal of rheology 57(1): 293-313.
  • Hutchings, Lian R., Kimani, Solomon M., Hoyle, David M., Read, Daniel J., Das, Chinmay, McLeish, Thomas C. B., Chang, Taihyun, Lee, Hyojoon & Auhl, Dietmar (2012). In Silico Molecular Design, Synthesis, Characterization, and Rheology of Dendritically Branched Polymers: Closing the Design Loop. ACS macro letters 1(3): 404-408.
  • Auhl, D., Hoyle, David M., Hassell, D., Lord, T.D., Mackley, M.R., Harlen, O.G. & McLeish, T.C.B. (2011). Cross-slot extensional rheometry and the steady-state extensional response of long chain branched polymer melts. Journal of Rheology 55(4): 875-900.
  • Hassell, David G., Hoyle, David M., Auhl, Dietmar, Harlen, Oliver, Mackley, Malcolm R. & McLeish, Thomas C. B. (2009). Effect of branching in cross-slot flow: the formation of W-cusps. Rheologica Acta 48: 551-561.
  • Hoyle, David M., Harlen, Oliver G., Auhl, Dietmar & McLeish, Thomas C. B. (2009). Non-linear step strain of branched polymer melts. Journal of Rheology 53(4): 917-942.
  • Graham, RS, Bent, J, Clarke, N, Hutchings, LR, Richards, RW, Gough, T, Hoyle, DM, Harlen, OG, Grillo, I, Auhl, D & McLeish, TCB (2009). The long-chain dynamics in a model homopolymer blend uner strong flow: small angle neurtron scattering and theory. Soft Matter 5: 2383-2389.

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