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Dr Gordon C.K. Cheung - all publications

Authored book

  • Cheung, Gordon C. K. (2018). China in the Global Political Economy: From Developmental to Entrepreneurial. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar.
  • Cheung, Gordon C.K. (2009). Intellectual Property Rights in China: Politics of Piracy, Trade and Protection. London: Routledge.
  • Cheung, Gordon C.K. (2009). Zhongguo yinsu: dazhonghuaquan de jihui yu tiaozhan (China Factors: Political Perspectives and Economic Interactions) (Chinese translation). Taipei: Wunan.
  • Cheung, Gordon C. K. (2007). China Factors: Political Perspectives and Economic Interactions. New Jersey, New Brunswick: Transaction Publishers.
  • Cheung, Gordon C. K. (1998). Market Liberalism: American Foreign Policy toward China. New Brunswick, N. J.: Transaction Publishers.

Chapter in book

  • Cheung, Gordon C. K. (2015). 'Let The Hundred Businesses Donate (bai shang qi juan): The New Chinese Ways of Philanthropy, Traditional Values and the US Model'. In China's Many Dreams: Comparative Perspectives on China's Search for National Rejuvenation. Kerr, David, ed. Basingstoke: Palgrave. 132-155.
  • Cheung, Gordon C. K. (2015). 'Social Science Infrastructure: Eastern Asia and Pacific (Social Science Academies and Related Organizations)'. In International Encyclopedia of the Social & Behavioral Sciences (Second Edition). James D. Wright (editor-in-chief) Oxford: Elsevier. 22: 637-642.
  • Cheung, Gordon C. K. (2015). ‘Er ci dazhan qian taigu yanghang zai zhongguo de duice gonglue’ (The Strategy and Policy of John Swire Co. in China before 1945). In Weiji guantou jiazu qiye de yingdui zhi dao (Facing the Crisis: Ways and Resolution of Family Businesses). Ed. by Zheng, Victor and & Chow, M. K. Hong Kong: Chung Hwa Books Co. 173-191.
  • Cheung, Gordon C. K. (2013). 'Jiazu qiye yu funu: Guoji zhengzhi jingji xue de shiye' (Family Business and Women: New Perspective from International Political Economy)'. In Caide zhijian: Huaren jiazou qiye yu funu (Between Leadership and Ethics: Chinese Family Business and Women). Leung, Christopher & Zheng, Victor. Hong Kong: Chung Hwa Books Co. 234-247.
  • Cheung, Gordon C.K. (2011). 'The Significance of the Overseas Chinese in East Asia.'. In Routledge Handbook of Asian Regionalism. Beeson, Mark, Stubbs, Richard & eds. London: Routledge.
  • Cheung, Gordon C.K. (2008). 'Contested International Relations Theory and China’s Constructing Regional Entitlement'. In China and the New International Order. Wang Gungwu & Zheng Yongnian London: Routledge. 187-202.
  • Cheung, Gordon C.K. & Luk Feyun (2003). ‘Chaoyue guojia di xuni minzu,’ (Beyond Nation-state: Virtual Nation). In Dongmeng riben yu zhongguoren (ASEAN, Japan and Chinese). Lim Hua Sing, Nyaw Mee-kau & eds. Singapore: World Scientific. 593-616.

Book review

  • Cheung, Gordon C. K. (2012). Transnational Competence: Empowering Professional Curricula for Horizon-rising Challenges. By Koehn, Peter H and Rosenau, James N. Boulder, CO and London: Paradigm. International Affairs 88(4): 898.
  • Cheung, Gordon C.K. (2011). Chinese Family Business and the Equal Inheritance System: Unravelling the Myth. By Zheng, Victor. London Routledge, 2010. The China Quarterly 205.
  • Cheung, Gordon C.K. (2010). Piracy and the State: The Politics of Intellectual Property Rights in China. By Dimitrov, Martin K. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Journal of Asian Studies, 1186-1187 69(4).

Edited Journal

  • Ren, Xiao and & Cheung, Gordon C. K. (2011). 'Sources and Transitions of Chinese Foreign Policy' (Special Issue), with An Introduction. East Asia: An International Quarterly, 28 (3).
  • Cheung, Gordon C. K. (2009). 'Made in China vs. Made by Chinese: Global Identities of Chinese Business' (Special Issue), with An Introduction. Journal of Contemporary China, 18 (58).
  • Cheung, Gordon C. K. (2004). 'Greater China and Regional Governance: Problems and Prospects' (Special Issue), with An Introduction. East Asia: An International Quarterly, 21 (1).

Journal Article

  • Cheung, Gordon C. K. (2017). 'Fighting Global Inequality with Chinese Characteristics: The Role of the Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWFs)'. China's World 2(1): 39-51.
  • Cheung, Gordon C. K. & Gomez, Edmund Terence (2016). When Margaret Thatcher met the Chinese: UK’s SMEs policies in the 1980s and the case of See Woo Holdings. Journal of Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies 8(3): 335-354.
  • Cheung, Gordon C. K. (2015). Promoting Europe worldwide. Europe's World #31 Autumn 2015: online article.
  • Cheung, Gordon C.K. & Gomez, Edmund Terence (2012). 'Hong Kong’s Diaspora, Networks, and Family Business in the United Kingdom: A History of the Chinese “Food Chain” and the Case of W. Wing Yip Group'. The China Review: An Interdisciplinary Journal on Greater China 12(1): 45-72.
  • Cheung, Gordon C.K. & Chang, Chak Yan. (2011). 'Cultural identities of Chinese business: networks of the shark-fin business in Hong Kong.'. Asia Pacific Business Review 17(3): 343-359.
  • Xiao, Ren & Cheung, Gordon C. K. (2011). Sources and Transitions of Chinese Foreign Policy: An Introduction. East Asia: An International Quarterly 28(3): 169.
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  • Cheung, Gordon C.K. (2008). 'International Relations Theory in Flux in View of China’s "Peaceful Rise"' (lead paper). Copenhagen Journal of Asian Studies 26(1): 5-21.
  • Cheung Gordon C.K. (2006). 'But Questions Persist Over 'Shared Values'' A Commentary on 'China and Europe Together Could Break the Mould of Global Politics'. Europe's World (3): 35-39.
  • Cheung, Gordon C.K. (2006). 'Hong Kong’s Information Technology after 1997 and the case of 3G Mobile Licences “Auction” in 2001.'. China: An International Journal 4(2): 314-326.
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  • Nyaw, Mee-kau, Cheung,Gordon C. K. & Chang, Chak Yan (2001). 'Money Migration-An Assessment of ASEAN's Investment in China with Special Reference to Overseas Chinese Investment after 1979'. The Journal of World Investment 2(3): 439-455 (lead article).
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  • Cheung, Gordon C.K. (1999). The Political Economy of Social Cost Analysis in Sino—American Disputes over Intellectual Property Rights. The Journal of World Intellectual Property 2(2): 189-207.


  • Cheung, Gordon C. K. (2012). ‘China’s New Endeavour to Protect Intellectual Property Rights.’ EAI Background Brief No. 752, 6 September 2012. Singapore: National University of Singapore.
  • Cheung, Gordon C.K. (2006). 'China's Intellectual Property Rights Protection after WTO - What has been the Progress?'EAI Background Brief No. 280. 12 April 2006. Singapore: National University of Singapore.

Working Paper

  • Cheung, Gordon C.K. (2006). 'Identity: In Searching the Meaning of Chineseness in Greater China'. Copenhagen Discussion Paper 10 (May 2006) 1-30.