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Durham University

Email and Telephone Directory

Staff Profile

Dr Elizabeth Bromley

Personal web page

Lecturer in the Department of Physics
Telephone: +44 (0) 191 33 43644
Room number: 109

(email at

Research Interests

My research centres on the biomolecular design approach to synthetic biology. Current directions include:

  • The design of a novel protein based motor that walks along DNA.
  • The design of sequences that adopt multiple native states.
  • Peptide based methods for coupling changes in chemical potential to mechanical outputs.
  • Understanding the energy landscape of coiled-coil oligomerization. 
  • The design of self-assembling fibre systems.

 For further information please see here.

Research Groups

Centre for Materials Physics

  • Experimental biomolecular design approach to molecular biology
  • Experimental Soft Matter

Department of Physics

Teaching Areas

  • Level 2 Practical Atomic Spectra (24 hours/year.)
  • Level 2 Practical Optical Rotation (24 hours/year.)


Journal Article

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