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Dr Susanne Weis

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Selected Publications

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  • Do Lam,ATA, Axmacher,N, Fell,J, Staresina,BP, Gauggel,S, Wagner,T, Olligs,J & Weis, S (2012). Monitoring the Mind: The Neurocognitive Correlates of Metamemory. PLoS ONE 7(1): e30009.
  • Balthasar,AJR, Huber,W & Weis,S (2011). A supramodal brain substrate of word form processing - an fMRI study on homonym finding with auditory and visual input. Brain Research
  • Dinkelacker,V, Grüter,M, Klaver,P, Grüter,T, Specht,K, Weis,S, Kennerknecht,I, Elger,CE & Fernandez,G (2011). Congenital Prosopagnosia: Multistage Anatomical and Functional Deficits in Face Processing Circuitry. Journal of Neurology 258(5): 770-782.
  • Weis, S., Leube, D., Erb, M., Heun, R., Grodd, W. & Kircher, T. (2011). Different MTL structures sustain Memory Encoding Performance in Healthy Aging and in Alzheimer’s disease. International Journal of Neuroscience 121(7): 384-392.
  • Weis,S, Hausmann,M, Stoffers,B & Sturm,W (2011). Dynamic changes in functional cerebral connectivity of spatial cognition during the menstrual cycle. Human Brain Mapping 32(10): 1544-1556.
  • Sachs, O, Weis, S, Zellagui, N, Sass, K, Huber, W, Zvyaginstev, M, Mathiak, K & Kircher, T (2011). How different types of conceptual relations modulate brain activation during semantic priming. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience 23(5): 1263-1273.
  • Alba-Ferrara, L., Hausmann, M., Mitchel, R. L. & Weis, S. (2011). The neural correlates of emotional prosody comprehension: Disentangling simple from complex emotion. PLoS ONE 6(12): e28701.
  • Weis, S. & Hausmann, M. (2010). Sex Hormones: modulators of interhemispheric inhibition in the human brain. Neuroscientist 16(2): 132-138
  • Specht, K, Zahn, R, Willmes, K, Weis, S, Holtel, C, Krause, BJ, Herzog, H & Huber, W (2009). Joint independent component analysis of structural and functional images reveals complex patterns of functional reorganisation in stroke aphasia. Neuroimage 47(4): 2057-2063.
  • Straube, B, Green, A, Weis, S, Chatterjee, A & Kircher, T (2009). Memory Effects of Speech and Gesture Binding: Cortical and Hippocampal Activation in Relation to Subsequent Memory Performance. Journal Of Cognitive Neuroscience 21(4): 821-836.
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  • Kircher, T, Straube, B, Leube, D, Weis, S, Sachs, O, Willmes, K, Konrad, K & Green, A (2009). Neural interaction of speech and gesture: Differential activations of metaphoric co-verbal gestures. Neuropsychologia 47(1): 169-179.
  • Whitney, C, Weis, S, Krings, T, Huber, W, Grossman, M & Kircher, T (2009). Task-dependent Modulations of Prefrontal and Hippocampal Activity during Intrinsic Word Production. Journal Of Cognitive Neuroscience 21(4): 697-712.
  • Kircher, T, Weis, S, Leube, D, Freymann, K, Erb, M, Jessen, F, Grodd, W, Heun, R & Krach, S (2008). Anterior hippocampus orchestrates successful encoding and retrieval of non-relational memory: an event-related fMRI study. European Archives Of Psychiatry And Clinical Neuroscience 258(6): 363-372.
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  • Sachs, O, Weis, S, Krings, T, Huber, W & Kircher, T (2008). Categorical and thematic knowledge representation in the brain: Neural correlates of taxonomic and thematic conceptual relations. Neuropsychologia 46(2): 409-418.
  • Tendolkar, I, Arnold, J, Petersson, KM, Weis, S, Brockhaus-Dumke, A, van Eijndhoven, P, Buitelaar, J & Fernandez, G (2008). Contributions of the medial temporal lobe to declarative memory retrieval: Manipulating the amount of contextual retrieval. Learning & Memory 15(9): 611-617.
  • Weis, S, Hausmann, M, Stoffers, B, Vohn, R, Kellermann, T & Sturm, W (2008). Estradiol Modulates Functional Brain Organization during the Menstrual Cycle: An Analysis of Interhemispheric Inhibition. The Journal Of Neuroscience 28(50): 13401-13410.
  • Kircher, T, Whitney, C, Krings, T, Huber, W & Weis, S (2008). Hippocampal dysfunction during free word association in male patients with schizophrenia. Schizophrenia Research 101(1-3): 242-255.
  • Leube, DT, Weis, S, Freymann, K, Erb, M, Jessen, F, Heun, R, Grodd, W & Kircher, TT (2008). Neural correlates of verbal episodic memory in patients with MCI and Alzheimer's disease-a VBM study. International Journal Of Geriatric Psychiatry 23(11): 1114-1118.
  • Wellmer, J, Weber, B, Weis, S, Klaver, P, Urbach, H, Reul, J, Fernandez, G & Elger, CE (2008). Strongly lateralized activation in language fMRI of atypical dominant patients - Implications for presurgical work-up. Epilepsy Research 80(1): 67-76.
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  • Hugdahl, K, Specht, K, Biringer, E, Weis, S, Elliott, R, Hammar, A, Ersland, L & Lund, A (2007). Increased parietal and frontal activation after remission from recurrent major depression: A repeated fMRI study. Cognitive Therapy And Research 31(2): 147-160.
  • Green, A, Straube, B, Weis, S, Willmes, K, Konrad, K & Kircher, T (2007). Neuronal correlate of multi-modal integration: Processing of language and coverbal iconic gesticulation. Nervenarzt 78: 274-275.
  • Straube, B, Green, A, Weis, S, Sachs, O, Konrad, K, Willmes, K & Kircher, T (2007). Neuronal interaction of gesticulation and language: Integration and facilitation effect of metaphoric gesticulation. Nervenarzt 78: 274-274.
  • Tendolkar, I, Arnold, J, Petersson, KM, Weis, S, Brockhaus-Dumke, A, van Eijndhoven, P, Buitelaar, J & Fernandez, G (2007). Probing the neural correlates of associative memory formation: A parametrically analyzed event-related functional MRI study. Brain Research 1142: 159-168.
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