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Durham University

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Staff Profile

Mr Leon Bowen, BSc (Hons), MBA

Technical Manager, Electron Microscopy in the Department of Physics
Technical Manager of the GJ Russell Facility

(email at

Research Groups

Centre for Materials Physics

  • Electron Microscopy


Journal Article

  • Wyn Jones, Eurig, James Holliman, Peter, Bowen, Leon, Connell, Arthur, Kershaw, Christopher & Elizabeth Meza-Rojas, Diana (2020). Hybrid Al2O3-CH3NH3PbI3 Perovskites towards Avoiding Toxic Solvents. Materials 13(1): 243.
  • Wilson, M. J., Hurst, A., Wilkins, A. D., Wilson, L. & Bowen, L. (2020). Mineralogical evidence for multiple dust sources in an early Triassic loessite. Sedimentology 67(1): 239-260.
  • Qi, Yu, Ju, Yiwen, Tan, Jingqiang, Bowen, Leon, Cai, Chunfang, Yu, Kun, Zhu, Hongjian, Huang, Cheng & Zhang, Weilai (2020). Organic matter provenance and depositional environment of marine-to-continental mudstones and coals in eastern Ordos Basin, China—Evidence from molecular geochemistry and petrology. International Journal of Coal Geology 217(2): 103345.
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  • Cao, Yunyi, Jana, Saikat, Bowen, Leon, Tan, Xiaolong, Liu, Hongzhong, Rostami, Nadia, Brown, James, Jakubovics, Nicholas S. & Chen, Jinju (2019). Hierarchical rose-petal surfaces delay the early-stage bacterial biofilm growth. Langmuir 35(45): 14670-14680.
  • Perri, Edoardo, Tucker, Maurice E., Słowakiewicz, Mirosław, Whitaker, Fiona, Bowen, Leon & Perrotta, Ida D. (2018). Carbonate and silicate biomineralization in a hypersaline microbial mat (Mesaieed sabkha, Qatar): Roles of bacteria, extracellular polymeric substances and viruses. Sedimentology 65(4): 1213-1245.
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  • Campbell, S., Qu, Y., Bowen, L., Chapon, P., Barrioz, V., Beattie, N.S. & Zoppi, G. (2018). Influence of OLA and FA ligands on the optical and electronic properties of Cu 2 ZnSn(S, Se) 4 thin films and solar cells prepared from nanoparticle inks. Solar Energy 175: 101-109.
  • Cao, Yunyi, Su, Bo, Chinnaraj, Subash, Jana, Saikat, Bowen, Leon, Charlton, Sam, Duan, Pengfei, Jakubovics, Nicholas S. & Chen, Jinju (2018). Nanostructured titanium surfaces exhibit recalcitrance towards Staphylococcus epidermidis biofilm formation. Scientific Reports 8(1): 1071.
  • Kartopu, G., Turkay, D., Ozcan, C., Hadibrata, W., Aurang, P., Yerci, S., Unalan, H.E., Barrioz, V., Qu, Y., Bowen, L., Gürlek, A.K., Maiello, P., Turan, R. & Irvine, S.J.C. (2018). Photovoltaic performance of CdS/CdTe junctions on ZnO nanorod arrays. Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 176: 100-108.
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Conference Paper

  • Mathia, E., Rexer, T., Bowen, L. & Aplin, A.C. (2013), Evolution of Porosity and Pore Systems in Organic-Rich Posidonia and Wealden Shales, London 2013, 75th eage conference en exhibition incorporating SPE Europec.