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Dr Lee Copping, BSc MA PhD

Assessment developer in the Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring (CEM)

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Selected Publications

Chapter in book

  • Copping, L.T. (2017). Census Data. In Encyclopedia of Evolutionary Psychological Science. Shackelford, T.K. & Weekes-Shackelford, V.A. Cham: Springer International Publishing. 1-5.

Journal Article

  • Richardson, G.B., Sanning, B.K., Lai, M.H.C., Copping, L.T., Hardesty, P.H. & Kruger, D.J. (2017). On the psychometric study of human life history strategies: State of the science and evidence of two independent dimensions. Evolutionary Psychology 15(1): 147470491666684.
  • Copping, L.T., Campbell, A., Muncer, S. & Richardson, G.B. (2017). The psychometric evaluation of human life histories: A reply to Figueredo, Cabeza de Baca, Black, Garcia, Fernandes, Wolf and Woodley (2015). Evolutionary Psychology 15(1): 147470491666372.
  • Copping, L.T., Cramman, H., Gott, S., Gray, H. & Tymms, P. (2016). Name writing ability not length of name is predictive of future academic attainment. Educational Research 58(3): 237-246.
  • Copping, L.T. & Campbell, A. (2015). The environment and life history strategies: neighborhood and individual-level models. Evolution and Human Behavior 36(3): 182-190.
  • Copping, L.T., Campbell, A. & Muncer, S. (2014). Conceptualizing Time Preference: A Life-History Analysis. Evolutionary Psychology 12(4): 829-847.
  • Copping, L.T., Campbell, A. & Muncer, S. (2014). Psychometrics and Life History Strategy: The Structure and Validity of the High K Strategy Scale. Evolutionary Psychology 12(1): 200-222.
  • Copping, L., Campbell, A. & Muncer, S. (2013). Impulsivity, sensation seeking and reproductive behaviour: A life history perspective. Personality and Individual Differences 54(8): 908-912.
  • Copping, L.T., Campbell, A. & Muncer, S. (2013). Violence, Teenage Pregnancy, and Life History: Ecological Factors and Their Impact on Strategy-Driven Behavior. Human Nature 24(2): 137-157.
  • Cross, C., Copping, L. & Campbell, A. (2011). Sex differences in impulsivity: A meta-analysis. Psychological Bulletin 137(1): 97-130.

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