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Durham University

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Staff Profile

Dr Stephen Welch, BA, DPhil (Oxon)

(email at


Lecturer in Politics. Taught previously at the University of Texas at Austin and Eotvos Lorand University in Budapest.

Research Groups

School of Government and International Affairs

  • Institutions and Political Behaviour
  • Political Theory

Research Interests

  • International Relations: Governance, Policing, Military Sociology
  • Political Culture: Concept and Theory
  • Political Scandal: Theoretical Aspects


Authored book

  • Welch, Stephen (2013). Hyperdemocracy. Palgrave Macmillan.
  • Welch, Stephen (2013). The Theory of Political Culture. Oxford Oxford University Press.
  • Welch, Stephen (1993). The Concept of Political Culture. Macmillan and St Martin's Press.

Chapter in book

  • Welch, Stephen (2013). 'Political Culture: Approaches and Prospects'. In Intelligence Elsewhere: Spies and Espionage Outside the Anglosphere. Davies, Philip H. J. & Gustafson, Kristian C. Washington DC: Georgetown University Press. 13-26.
  • Welch, Stephen (2005). 'Political Culture, Post-Communism and Disciplinary Normalisation: Towards Theoretical Reconstruction'. In Political Culture and Post-Communism. Whitefield, Stephen Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. 105-124.
  • Welch, Stephen & Kennedy-Pipe, Caroline (2004). 'Multi-Level Governance and International Relations'. In Multi-Level Governance. Bache, I & Flinders, M Oxford: Oxford University Press. 127-144.
  • Welch, Stephen (2002). 'Pressure Groups, Social Movements and Participation'. In Developments in American Politics. Peele, Gillian et al. Basingstoke: Palgrave. 53-71.
  • Welch, Stephen(with Caroline Kennedy-Pipe) (2001). 'Women in the Military: Future Prospects and Ways Ahead'. In New People Strategies for the British Armed Forces. Alexandrou, Alex, Bartle, Richard & Holmes, Richard London: Frank Cass. 49-69.

Journal Article

  • Welch, Stephen & Wittlinger, Ruth (2011). 'The Resilience of the Nation State: Cosmopolitanism, Holocaust Memory and German Identity'. German Politics and Society 29(3): 38-54.
  • Welch, S.E. (2007). Political Scandal and the Politics of Exposure: From Watergate to Lewinsky and Beyond. Politics and Ethics Review 3(2): 181-199.
  • Kennedy-Pipe, Caroline & Welch, Stephen (2005). 'Russia and the United States after 9/11'. Terrorism and Political Violence 17(1 & 2): 279-291.
  • Welch, Stephen & Kennedy-Pie, Caroline (2005). 'Stalin's Cold War: Certainties and Uncertainties'. Irish Slavonic Studies (Stalin: His Time and Ours): 111-31.
  • Welch, Stephen (2001). 'Ethical-Political Dimensions of Police Intervention: Domestic and International Contexts Compared'. Civil Wars 4(1): 104-124.
  • Welch, S.E. (1996). Culture, Ideology and Personality: Robert C. Tucker's Analysis of Stalinism and Soviet Politics. Journal of Communist Studies and Transition Politics 12(1): 1-37.