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Professor Jo Setchell - all publications

Chapter in book

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Edited book

  • Setchell, J.M. & Curtis, D.J. (2011). Field and Laboratory Methods in Primatology: A Practical Guide. Cambridge University Press.
  • Setchell, J.M. & Curtis, D.J. (2003). Field and Laboratory Methods for Primatologists: A Practical Guide. Cambridge University Press.

Book review

  • Setchell, J. M. (2016). John Knight. Herding monkeys to paradise: how macaque troops are managed for tourism in Japan. xvi, 628 pp., figs, illus., bibliogr. Leiden, Boston: Brill, 2011. £132.00 (paper). Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute 22(1): 247-248.

Journal Article

  • Waters, Siân, Bell, Sandra & Setchell, Joanna M. (2018). Understanding Human-Animal Relations in the Context of Primate Conservation: A Multispecies Ethnographic Approach in North Morocco. Folia Primatologica 89(1): 13-29.
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Newspaper/Magazine Article

  • Setchell, Joanna M (2017). 60% of primate species now threatened with extinction, says major new study. The Conversation
  • Setchell, Joanna M (2015). Got a great relationship? You may want to thank your prehistoric grandmother. The Conversation
  • Setchell, Joanna M (2015). Why men are not biologically useless after all …. The Conversation