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Dr Susan Lewis - all publications

Authored book

  • Lewis S. (Forthcoming). An Anthology of Manx Satirical and Self-Ironic Poetry. Douglas, Isle of Man: Manx Heritage Foundation.

Chapter in book

  • Lewis, S., Hudson, M. & Painter, J. (2018). Revealing a 'Hidden Civil War': a serendipitous methodology. In Messy ethnographies in action. Plows, A. Vernon Press. 13-22.
  • Lewis, S. (2012). Thalloo my Vea: Narrating the landscapes of life in the Isle of Man. In Landscapes Beyond Land: Routes, Aesthetics, Narratives (EASA Series). Arnason, A., Ellison, N., Vergunst, J. & Whitehouse, A. Oxford.: Berghahn. 19.
  • Lewis, S. (2012). Very British Tradition? Irony, Irreverence, and Identity in Manx Political Satire. In Islands and Britishness: A Global Perspective. Matthews, J. & Travers, D. Cambridge Scholars Publishing.
  • Lewis S. (2011). The Manx. In Ethnic Groups of Europe. Cole J. Santa Barbara CA: ABC-Clio. 349.
  • Lewis, S. (2006). Manx literature in English: 20th-century satirical poetry. In Celtic Culture: A Historical Encyclopedia. Koch, J. Santa Barbara, CA.: ABC-CLIO. 4.: 1256.
  • Lewis, S. (2006). Webs of Significance: Perceiving an Island through a Network of Images and Text. In Managing Island Life: Social, Economic and Political Dimensions of Formality and Informality in 'Island' Communities. Skinner, J. & Hills, M. Abertay, Dundee.: University of Abertay Press. 61-75.
  • Lewis, S. (2002). National Day: Achieving Collective Identity in the Isle of Man. In British Subjects: An Anthropology of the British Isles. Rapport, N. Oxford.: Berg. 49-66.

Journal Article

  • Townsend, A., Abraham, C., Barnes, A., Collins, M., Halliday, E., Lewis, S., Orton, L., Ponsford, R., Salway, S., Whitehead, M. & Popay, J. (2020). “I realised it weren’t about spending the money. It’s about doing something together:” The role of money in a community empowerment initiative and the implications for health and wellbeing. Social Science & Medicine 260: 113176.
  • Visram, Shelina, Walton, Nick, Akhter, Nasima, Lewis, Sue & Lister, Graham (2020). Assessing the value for money of an integrated health and wellbeing service in the UK. Social Science & Medicine 245: 112661.
  • Reynolds, Joanna & Lewis, Sue (2019). Ethnography and evaluation: temporalities of complex systems and methodological complexity. Anthropology & Medicine 26(1): 1-17.
  • Burges Watson, D.L., Lewis, S., Campbell, M., Bryant, V., Storey, S.T. & Deary, V. (2019). Food play: A novel research methodology for visceral geographers and health researchers. Health & Place 57: 139-146.
  • McGowan, V., Wistow, J. , Lewis, S., Popay, J. & Bambra, C. (2019). Pathways to mental health improvement in a community-led area-based empowerment initiative: Evidence from the Big Local ‘Communities in Control’ study, England. Journal of Public Health 41(4): 850-857.
  • Lewis, Susan, Bambra, Clare, Barnes, Amy, Collins, Michelle, Egan, Matt, Halliday, Emma, Orton, Lois, Ponsford, Ruth, Powell, Katie, Salway, Sarah, Townsend, Anne, Whitehead, Margaret & Popay, Jennie (2019). Reframing “participation” and “inclusion” in public health policy and practice to address health inequalities: Evidence from a major resident-led neighbourhood improvement initiative. Health & Social Care in the Community 27(1): 199-206.
  • Burges Watson, D. L., Lewis, S., Bryant, V., Patterson, J., Kelly, C., Edwards-Stuart, R., Murtagh, M. J. & Deary, V. (2018). Altered eating: a definition and framework for assessment and intervention. BMC Nutrition 4: 14.
  • Orton, Lois, Halliday, Emma, Collins, Michelle, Egan, Matt, Lewis, Sue, Ponsford, Ruth, Powell, Katie, Salway, Sarah, Townsend, Anne, Whitehead, Margaret & Popay, Jennie (2017). Putting context centre stage: evidence from a systems evaluation of an area based empowerment initiative in England. Critical Public Health 27(4): 477-489.
  • Russell, A. & Lewis, S. (2015). Documenting Impact: An Impact Case Study of Anthropological Collaboration in Tobacco Control. Anthropology in Action 22(2): 14-23.
  • Lewis, S. & Russell, A. (2014). Protecting Children and Young People from Tobacco-Related Harm: A Review. Children & Society 28(2): 140-151.
  • Carro-Ripalda, S., Russell, A.J., Lewis, S. & Heckler, S. (2013). The making and changing of smoking persons in public health policy and practice: Ethnography of a world-first illicit tobacco program. Contemporary Drug Problems 40(1): 21-46.
  • Lewis, S. & Russell, A. (2013). Young smokers' narratives public health, disadvantage and structural violence. Sociology of health and illness 35(5): 746-760.
  • Raw, A., Lewis, S., Russell, A. & Macnaughton, J. (2012). A Hole in the Heart: confronting the drive for evidence-based impact research in arts in health. Arts & Health, an International Journal for Research, Policy & Practice 4(2): 97-108.
  • Lewis, S. & Russell, A. (2011). Being Embedded: A way forward for ethnographic research. Ethnography 12(3): 398-416.
  • Lewis S & McMahon S. (2011). Working with Others: An Interdisciplinary Dialogue. Scottish Affairs (75): 62-82.
  • Russell, A., Heckler, S., White, M., Sengupta, S., Chappel, D., Hunter, D.J., Mason, J., Milne, E. & Lewis, S. (2009). The evolution of a UK regional tobacco control office in its early years: social contexts and policy dynamics. Health Promotion International 24(3): 262-268.
  • Lewis, S (2007). Recipes for Reconnection: Older Women's Perspectives on the Mediating Role of Food in Contemporary Urban Society. Journal of the Slovenian Anthropological Society
  • Lewis, S (2007). The Story of Mann and All That: or How Heritage became History Again. Celtic Cultural Studies (5).
  • McMahon, S. & Lewis, S. (2006). Dundee Healthy Living Initiative: Project Involvement with NHS Tayside's Health Inequalities Consultation. Journal of Community Work and Development Special Ed..
  • Neville, R., Greene, A. C. & Lewis, S. (2006). Patient and Health Care Professional Views and Experiences of Computer Agent Supported Health Care. Informatics in Primary Care 14: 11-15.

Doctoral Thesis

  • Lewis, S. (2004). Roots of / Routes to: Practice and Performance of Identity in the Isle of Man. University of St Andrews. PhD.

Other (Print)

  • Lewis S. & Holland L. (2007). Local Alliance Toolkit.
  • Lewis, S., Charnock Greene, A. & Mukhopadhyay, S. (2006). Dundee Healthy Living Initiative: Research Report.
  • Lewis S., Pender A. & Sword E. (2004). Three R’s for the DHLI: Research, Response and Reflection and Their Importance in Joined-Up Working.


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  • Lewis, S., Russell, A., Matthijsse, M. & Masson, K. (2011). "Revealing alcohol narratives": a qualitative study of young people's relationships with alcohol in County Durham and Darlington.
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