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Durham University

Email and Telephone Directory

Staff Profile

Prof David Bloor

Emeritus Professor in the Department of Physics
Telephone: +44 (0) 191 33 43581
Room number: 308

(email at

Research Groups

Centre for Materials Physics

  • Photonic Sensors and Materials

Research Interests

  • Molecular electronics
  • Optoelectronics


Authored book

  • Bloor, D & Blythe, T (2005). Electrical Properties of Polymers, 2nd Edition. Cambridge University Press.

Journal Article

  • Webb, Alexander J., Szablewski, Marek, Bloor, David, Atkinson, Del, Graham, Adam, Laughlin, Paul & Lussey, David (2013). A multi-component nanocomposite screen-printed ink with non-linear touch sensitive electrical conductivity. Nanotechnology 24(16): 165501.
  • Graham, A., Laughlin, P. J. & Bloor, D. (2013). Metal-polymer composite sensors for volatile organic compounds: Part 2. Stand alone chemi-resistors. SENSORS AND ACTUATORS B-CHEMICAL 177: 507-514.
  • Hands, Philip J. W., Laughlin, Paul J. & Bloor, David (2012). Metal-polymer composite sensors for volatile organic compounds: Part 1. Flow-through chemi-resistors. SENSORS AND ACTUATORS B-CHEMICAL 162(1): 400-408.
  • Bloor, D., Graham, A., Laughlin, P. J. & Lussey, D. (2010). Comments on `Enhanced piezoresistivity in Ni-silicone rubber composites'. CHINESE PHYSICS B 19(1): 017001.
  • Palsson, L.O., Vaughan, H.L., Smith, A., Szablewski, M., Cross, G.H., Roberts, T., Masutani, A., Yasuda, A., Beeby, A. & Bloor, D. (2006). Guest-host interactions between dichroic dyes and anisotropic hosts. Journal of luminescence 117(1): 113-122.
  • Bloor, D, Graham, A, Williams, EJ, Laughlin, PJ & Lussey, D (2006). Metal-polymer composite with nanostructured filler particles and amplified physical properties. Applied Physics Letters 88(10): 102-103.
  • Bloor, D, Donnelly, K, Hands, PJ, Laughlin, P & Lussey, D (2005). A metal-polymer composite with unusual properties. Journal Of Physics D-applied Physics 38(16): 2851-2860.
  • Cross, G. H., Hackman, N. A., Thomas, P. R., Szablewski, M., Pålsson, L.-O. & Bloor, D. (2003). Local field and aggregation dependence of the micro- and macroscopic optical non-linearity of zwitterionic molecules. Optical Materials 21(1-3): 29-37.
  • Bloor, D (2001). Dissolution and spectroscopic properties of the polydiacetylene poly(10,12-docosadiyne-1,12-diol-bisethylurethane). Macromolecular Chemistry And Physics 202(8): 1410-1423.
  • Hoofman, RJOM, van der Laan, GP, Siebbeles, LDA, de Haas, MP, Bloor, D & Sandman, DJ (2001). Dose dependence of the charge carrier mobility and decay kinetics inradiation polymerized diacetylenes. Macromolecules 34(3): 474-480.
  • Bloor, D., Kagawa, Y., Szablewski, M., Ravi, M., Clark, S. J., Cross, G. H., Palsson, L-O., Beeby, A., Parmer, C. & Rumbles, G. (2001). Matrix dependence of light emission from TCNQ adducts. Journal of Materials Chemistry 11(12): 3053-3062.
  • Hoofman, RJOM, Gelinck, GH, Siebbeles, LDA, de Haas, MP, Warman, JM & Bloor, D (2000). Influence of backbone conformation on the photoconductivity ofpolydiacetylene chains. Macromolecules 33(25): 9289-9297.
  • Kagawa, Y, Takada, N, Matsuda, H, Yase, K, Halim, M, Samuel, IW, Cross, GH & Bloor, D (2000). Photo- and electroluminescence for TCNQ-amino adducts. Molecular Crystals And Liquid Crystals 349: 499-502.

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