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Durham University

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Prof. Matthew Jones, MSci (Bristol), D. Phil (Sussex)

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Professor in the Department of Physics

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Research Groups

Department of Physics

  • Quantum Light and Matter

Teaching Areas

  • "Atom-Light interactions" graduate course (8 hours/year.)

Selected Publications

Journal Article

  • Bounds, A.D., Jackson, N.C., Hanley, R.K., Faoro, R., Bridge, E.M., Huillery, P. & Jones, M.P.A. (2018). A Rydberg-dressed Magneto-Optical Trap. Physical Review Letters 120(8): 183401.
  • Hanley, Ryan K., Huillery, Paul, Keegan, Niamh C., Bounds, Alistair D., Faoro, R. & Jones, Matthew P. A. (2018). Quantitative simulation of a magneto-optical trap operating near the photon recoil limit. Journal of Modern Optics 65(5-6): 667-676.
  • Busche, Hannes, Huillery, Paul, Ball, Simon W., Ilieva, Teodora, Jones, Matthew P. A. & Adams, Charles S. (2017). Contactless nonlinear optics mediated by long-range Rydberg interactions. Nature Physics 13(7): 655-658.
  • Hanley, Ryan K., Bounds, Alistair D., Huillery, Paul, Keegan, Niamh C., Faoro, Riccardo, Bridge, Elizabeth M., Weatherill, Kevin J. & Jones, Matthew P. A. (2017). Probing interactions of thermal Sr Rydberg atoms using simultaneous optical and ion detection. Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics 50(11): 115002.
  • Sadler, D.P., Bridge, E.M., Boddy, D., Bounds, A.D., Keegan, N.C., Lochead, G., Jones, M.P.A. & Olmos, B. (2017). Radiation trapping in a dense cold Rydberg gas. Physical Review A 95(1): 013839.
  • Bowden, W., Hobson, R., Huillery, P., Gill, P., Jones, M. P. A. & Hill, I. R. (2017). Rydberg electrometry for optical lattice clocks. Physical Review A 96(2): 023419.
  • Kliese, R., Hoghooghi, N., Puppe, T., Rohde, F., Sell, A., Zach, A., Leisching, P., Kaenders, W., Keegan, N. C., Bounds, A. D., Bridge, E. M., Leonard, J., Adams, C. S., Cornish, S. L. & Jones, M. P. A. (2016). Difference-frequency combs in cold atom physics. The European Physical Journal Special Topics 225(15): 2775-2784.
  • Bridge, E. M., Keegan, N. C., Bounds, A. D., Boddy, D., Sadler, D. P. & Jones, M. P. A. (2016). Tunable cw UV laser with <35 kHz absolute frequency instability for precision spectroscopy of Sr Rydberg states. Optics Express 24(3): 2281-2292.
  • Vaillant, C. L., Potvliege, R. M. & Jones, M. P. A. (2015). Intercombination effects in resonant energy transfer. Physical Review A 92(4): 042705.
  • Vaillant, C L, Jones, M P A & Potvliege, R M (2014). Multichannel quantum defect theory of strontium bound Rydberg states. Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics 47(15): 155001.
  • Gil, L.I.R., Mukherjee, R., Bridge, E.M., Jones, M.P.A. & Pohl, T. (2014). Spin Squeezing in a Rydberg Lattice Clock. Physical Review Letters 112(10): 103601.
  • Lochead, G., Boddy, D., Sadler, D.P., Adams, C.S. & Jones, M.P.A. (2013). Number-resolved imaging of excited-state atoms using a scanning autoionization microscope. Physical Review A: atomic, molecular and optical physics 87(5): 053409.
  • Maxwell, D., Szwer, D. J., Paredes-Barato, D., Busche, H., Pritchard, J. D., Gauguet, A., Weatherill, K. J., Jones, M. P. A. & Adams, C. S. (2013). Storage and Control of Optical Photons Using Rydberg Polaritons. Physical Review Letters 110(10): 103001.
  • Vaillant, C.L., Jones, M.P.A. & Potvliege R.M. (2012). Long-range Rydberg–Rydberg interactions in calcium, strontium and ytterbium. Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics 45(13): 135004.
  • Mukherjee, R., Millen, J., Nath, R., Jones, M.P.A. & Pohl, T. (2011). Many-body physics with alkaline-earth Rydberg lattices. Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics 44(18): 184010.
  • Sevincli, S., Ates, C., Pohl, T., Schempp, H., Hofmann, C.S., Guenter, G., Amthor, T., Weidemueller, M., Pritchard, J.D., Maxwell, D., Gauguet, A., Weatherill, K.J., Jones, M.P.A. & Adams, C.S. (2011). Quantum interference in interacting three-level Rydberg gases: coherent population trapping and electromagnetically induced transparency. J. Phys B. 44: 184018.
  • Millen, J., Lochead, G., Corbett, G.R., Potvliege, R.M. & Jones, M.P.A. (2011). Spectroscopy of a cold strontium Rydberg gas. Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics 44(18): 184001.
  • Pritchard, J.D., Maxwell, D., Gauguet, A., Weatherill, K.J., Jones, M.P.A. & Adams, C.S. (2010). Cooperative Atom-Light Interaction in a Blockaded Rydberg Ensemble. Physical Review Letters 105(19): 193603.
  • Javaux, C., Hughes, I.G., Lochead, G., Millen, J. & Jones, M.P.A. (2010). Modulation-free pump-probe spectroscopy of strontium atoms. European Physical Journal D 57(2): 151-154.
  • Halkyard, P. L. , Jones, M. P. A. & Gardiner, S. A. (2010). Rotational response of two-component Bose-Einstein condensates in ring traps. Physical Review A 81(6): 061602.
  • Millen, J., Lochead, G. & Jones, M.P.A. (2010). Two-Electron Excitation of an Interacting Cold Rydberg Gas. Physical Review Letters 105(21): 213004.
  • Bridge, E.M., Millen, J., Adams, C.S. & Jones, M.P.A. (2009). A vapor cell based on dispensers for laser spectroscopy. Review of Scientific Instruments 80(1): 013101.
  • Jones, M. P. A., Beugnon, J., Gaetan, A., Zhang, J., Messin, G., Browaeys, A. & Grangier, P. (2007). Fast quantum state control of a single trapped neutral atom. Physical Review A 75: 040301(R).
  • Mauger, Sarah, Millen, James & Jones, M. P. A. (2007). Spectroscopy of strontium Rydberg states using electromagnetically induced transparency. Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics 40(22): F319-F325.
  • Beugnon, J., Tuchendler, C. Marion, H. Gaëtan, A. Miroshnychenko, Y. Sortais, Y. R. P. Lance, A. M. Jones, M. P. A. , Messin, G. Browaeys, A. & Grangier P. (2007). Two-dimensional transport and transfer of a single atomic qubit in optical tweezers. Nature Physics 3(10): 696-699.
  • J. Dingjan, B. Darquie, J. Beugnon, M.P.A. Jones, S. Bergamini, G. Messin, A. Browaeys & P. Grangier (2006). A frequency-doubled laser system producing ns pulses for rubidium manipulation. Applied Physics B 82: 47-51.
  • Beugnon, J., Jones, M. P. A., Dingjan, J., Darquie, B., Messin, G., Browaeys, A. & Grangier, P. (2006). Quantum interference between two single photons emitted by independently trapped atoms. Nature 440(7085): 779-782.
  • Darquie, B. Jones, M. P. A. , Dingjan, J., Beugnon, J., Bergamini, S., Sortais, Y., Messin, G., Browaeys, A. & Grangier, P. (2005). Controlled single photon emission from a single trapped two-level atom. Science 309(5733): 454-456.
  • M.P.A. Jones, C.J. Vale, D. Sahagun, B.V. Hall, C.C. Eberlein, B.E. Sauer, K. Furusawa, D. Richardson & E.A. Hinds (2004). Cold atoms probe the magnetic field near a wire. Journal of Physics B-ATOMIC MOLECULAR AND OPTICAL PHYSICS 37: L15.
  • Z. Moktadir, E. Koukharenko, M. Kraft, D.M. Bagnall, M.P.A. Jones, H. Powell & E.A. Hinds (2004). Etching techniques for realizing optical micro-cavity atom traps on silicon. Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering 14: S82.
  • Bergamini, S., Darquié, B., M. Jones, M. P. A., Jacubowiez, L., Browaeys, A. & Grangier, P. (2004). Holographic generation of microtrap arrays for single atoms by use of a programmable phase modulator. Journal of the Optical Society of America B: Optical Physics 21(11): 1889-1894.
  • E. Koukharenko, Z. Moktadir, M. Kraft, M.E. Abdelsalam, D.M. Bagnall, C. Vale, M.P.A. Jones & E.A. Hinds (2004). Microfabrication of gold wires for atom guides. Sensors and actuators A physical 115(2-3): 600-607.
  • Jones, M. P. A. , Vale, C. J., Sahagun, D., Hall, B. V. & Hinds, E. A. (2003). Spin coupling between cold atoms and the thermal fluctuations of a metal surface. Physical Review Letters 91(8): 080401.
  • C.J. Vale, B.V. Hall, D.C. Lau, M.P.A. Jones, J.A. Retter & E.A. Hinds (2002). Atom chips. Europhysics News
  • Bamford, D., Jones, M., Latham, J., Hughes, R. J., Alam, M. A., Stejny, J. & Dublek, G. (2001). Anisotropic Nature of Open Volume Defects in Highly Crystalline Polymers. Macromolecules 34: 8156-8159.

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