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Professor Sarah Atkinson - all publications

Edited book

  • Atkinson, S. & Hunt, R. (2019). Geohumanities and Health. Global Perspectives on Health Geography. Switzerland: Springer.
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Chapter in book

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Journal Article

  • Atkinson, S (Submitted). Toxic Wellbeing and Geography's Wholesome Tonic. Social Science and Medicine
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Newspaper/Magazine Article

  • Coyle, L.A. & Atkinson, S. (2017). “I sometimes refer to myself as having OCD and sometimes refer to myself as having an eating disorder.”. thebmjopinion


  • Curtis, Sarah, Congdon, Peter, Atkinson, Sarah, Corcoran, Rhiannon, MaGuire, Rosie & Peasgood, Tessa (2019). Individual and local area factors associated with self-reported wellbeing, perceived social cohesion and sense of attachment to one’s community: analysis of the Understanding Society Survey. What Works Centre for Wellbeing.
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