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Professor Deryck Beyleveld, PhD

Professor of Durham Law School
Member of the Human Rights Centre

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Deryck Beyleveld, BSc.Hons (Rand), MA (Cantab),.PhD, FSB, Professor of Law and Bioethics. His numerous publications span Criminology, Philosophy of the Social Sciences, Moral and Legal Philosophy, and many areas of law. He has a special interest in the regulation and ethics of Biotechnology and Medical Science, and founded the Sheffield Institute of Biotechnological Law and Ethics (SIBLE) in 1994, which he directed until his appointment at Durham University in 2006. He is an exponent of the moral theory of the American philosopher, Alan Gewirth, and much of his work involves application of this theory in the critical analysis of law. He is the author of A Bibliography on General Deterrence Research (Saxon House 1980) and The Dialectical Necessity of Morality (Chicago University Press 1991); co-author (with Roger Brownsword) of Law as a Moral Judgment (Sweet and Maxell 1986 and Sheffield Academic Press 1994), Mice Morality and Patents (Common Law Institute of Intellectual Property 1993), Human Dignity in Bioethics and Biolaw (OUP 2001), and Consent in the Law (Hart 2007); and co-author with a group of lawyers, scientists, clinicians, and philosophers of Embryo Research in Pluralistic Europe (Springer 2003). He has participated in many EC funded projects, and he co-ordinated an EC funded Concerted Action PRIVIREAL on the Implementation of the Data Protection Directive in Relation to Medical Research and the Role of Research Ethics Committees from 2002-2005. He holds the Visiting Chair in Moral Philosophy and Applied Ethics at the University of Utrecht, which occupies 20% of his time. He was Vice-Chair of South Sheffield Local Research Ethics Committee from 1992-1998 and Vice-Chair of Trent Multi-Centre Research Ethics Committee from 1997-2005. He is on the Advisory Board of the Polish Jurisprudence Journal Ius et Lex, of Medical Law International, and Medicine and Law (the journal of the World Association of Medical Law), and the Editorial Committee of Law, Innovation and Technology.

Teaching Areas

Philosophy of Law
Law and Medicine

Research Groups

Durham Law School

  • Centre for Ethics and Law in the Life Sciences
  • Durham European Law Institute
  • Human Rights Centre

Research Projects

Durham Law School

  • Grants

Research Interests

  • Moral Philosophy (Pure and Applied) (especially, Gewirth and Kant)
  • Legal Philosophy
  • Regulation of Medical Research
  • Privacy and Data Protection in Medical Law
  • Morality in Patent Law
  • The Regulation and Ethics of Biotechnology
  • Precautionary reasoning in legal thinking

Selected Publications

Authored book

  • Beyleveld, Deryck. & Brownsword, Roger. (2007). Consent in the Law. Oxford: Hart Publishing.
  • Beyleveld, Deryck. & Brownsword, Roger. (2001). Human Dignity in Bioethics and Biolaw. Oxford.: Oxford University Press.
  • Beyleveld, Deryck. (1993). Mice, Morality, and Patents: The Onco-mouse Application and Article 53(a) of the European Patent Convention. London.
  • Beyleveld, Deryck. (1991). The Dialectical Necessity of Morality: An Analysis and Defence of Alan Gewirth's Argument to the Principle of Generic Consistency. Chicago.: University of Chicago Press.
  • Beyleveld, Deryck. & Brownsword, Roger. (1986). Law as a Moral Judgment. London.: Sweet and Maxwell.

Chapter in book

  • Beyleveld, Deryck & Brownsword, Roger (2018). Is There Really Anything Wrong With an Absolute Principle? In Modern Non-Positivism – From Radbruch to Alexy. Borowski, Martin Mohr Siebeck.
  • Beyleveld, Deryck (2017). Sheffield Natural Law School. In Encyclopedia of the Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy. Sellers, M. & Kirste, P. Dordrecht: Springer. 1-8.
  • Beyleveld, Deryck (2017). Transcendental Arguments for a Categorical Imperative as Arguments from Agential Self-Understanding. In Transcendental Arguments in Moral Theory. Brune, Jens Peter Stern, Robert & Werner, Micha H Berlin, Boston: De Gruyter. 141-159.
  • Beyleveld, Deryck (2017). What Is Gewirth and What IS Beyleveld? A Retrospect with Comments on the Contributions. In Ethical Rationalism and the Law. Capps, Patrick & Pattinson, Shaun D. Oxford: Hart Publishing. 233-255.
  • Beyleveld, Deryck (2016). Gewirth versus Kant on Kant’s Maxim of Reason: Towards a Gewirthian Philosophical Anthropology. In Gewirthian Perspectives on Human Rights. Bauhn, P. Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge. 13-29.
  • Beyleveld, Deryck (2016). The duties we have to future generations: a Gewirthian approach. In Human Rights and Sustainability: Moral responsibilities for the future. Bos, Gerhard & Düwell, Marcus Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge. 137-150.
  • Beyleveld, Deryck. & Sethe, Sebastian. (2008). The European Community Directives on Data Protection and Clinical Trials. In The Oxford Textbook of Clinical Research Ethics. Ezekiel J. Emanuel et al. Oxford University Press, New York. 180-186.
  • Beyleveld, Deryck. & Pattinson, Shaun. (2007). Great Britain’s Perspective on the Status and Protection of the Extracorporeal Embryo. In International Perspectives on the Status and Protection of the Extracorporeal Embryo. Eser, Albin, Koch, Hans Georg. & Seith, Carola. Baden-Baden: Nomos. 171-203.
  • Beyleveld, Deryck. (2006). Conceptualising Privacy in Relation to medical research values. In First Do Not Harm: Law, Ethics and Healthcare. McLean, Shelia A.M. Aldershot: Ashgate. 151-164.
  • Beyleveld, Deryck. (2004). The Duty to Provide Information to the Data Subject: Articles 10 and 11 of Directive 95/46/EC. In The Data Protection Directive and Medical Research Across Europe. Beyleveld, D., Townend, D., Rouillé-Mirza, S. & Wright, J. Aldershot.: Ashgate. 69-88.

Journal Article

  • Beyleveld, Deryck & Ziche, Paul (2015). Towards a Kantian Phenomenology of Hope. Ethical Theory and Moral Practice 18(5): 927-942.
  • Beyleveld, Deryck, Düwell, Marcus & Spahn, Andreas (2015). Why and How Should We Represent Future Generations in Policymaking? Jurisprudence 6(3): 549-566.
  • Beyleveld, D. (2013). Korsgaard v. Gewirth on Universalization: Why Gewirthians are Kantians and Kantians Ought to be Gewirthians. Journal of Moral Philosophy 1-24.
  • Beyleveld, D. (2013). Williams’ False Dilemma: How to Give Categorically Binding Impartial Reasons to Real Agents. Journal of Moral Philosophy 10(2): 204-226.
  • Beyleveld, Deryck. & Brownsword, Roger. (2012). Emerging Technologies, Extreme Uncertainty, and the Principle of Rational Precautionary Reasoning. Law, Innovation and Technology 4(1): 35-65.
  • Beyleveld, Deryck. (2011). The Principle of Generic Consistency as the Supreme Principle of Human Rights. Human Rights Review 13(1): 1-18.
  • Beyleveld, Deryck. & Townend, David. (2004). When is Personal Data Rendered Anonymous? Interpreting Recital 26 of Directive 95/46/EC. Medical Law International 6(2): 73-86.
  • Pattinson, Shaun D. & Beyleveld, Deryck. (2002). 'Horizontal Applicability and Horizontal Effect'. Law Quarterly Review 118: 623-646.

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