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  • Shennan, I., Lambeck, K., Flather, R., Wingfield, R., Horton, B.P., McArthur, J.J., Innes, J.B., Lloyd, J.M. & Rutherford, M.M. (2000). Modelling western North Sea palaeogeographies and tidal changes during the Holocene. In Holocene land ocean interactions and environmental change around the North Sea. Shennan, I. & Andrews, J.E. London: The Geological Society. Special Publication 166: 299-319.

Journal Article

  • Syring, Nicole, Lloyd, Jeremy M., Stein, Ruediger, Fahl, Kirsten, Roberts, Dave H., Callard, Louise & O'Cofaigh, Colm (2020). Holocene interactions between glacier retreat, sea‐ice formation and Atlantic Water advection at the inner Northeast Greenland continental shelf. Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology 35(11): e2020PA004019.
  • Sánchez-Montes, M.L., McClymont, E.L., Lloyd, J.M., Müller, J., Cowan, E.A., Zorzi, C. & de Vernal, A. (2020). Late Pliocene Cordilleran Ice Sheet development with warm Northeast Pacific sea surface temperatures. Climate of the Past 16(1): 299-313.
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  • Streuff, K., Ó Cofaigh, C., Noormets, R. & Lloyd, J.M. (2018). Submarine landform assemblages and sedimentary processes in front of Spitsbergen tidewater glaciers. Marine Geology 402: 209-227.
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  • Sproson, Adam D., Selby, David, Gannoun, Abdelmouchine, Burton, Kevin W., Dellinger, Mathieu & Lloyd, Jeremy M. (2018). Tracing the impact of coastal water geochemistry on the Re-Os systematics of macroalgae: Insights from the basaltic terrain of Iceland. Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences 123(9): 2791-2806.
  • Ayala, G., Wainwright, J., Walker, J., Hodara, R., Lloyd, J.M., Leng, M. & Doherty, C. (2017). Palaeoenvironmental reconstruction of the alluvial landscape of Neolithic Çatalhöyük, central southern Turkey: The implications for early agriculture and responses to environmental change. Journal of Archaeological Science 87: 30-43.
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  • Streuff, K., O'Cofaigh, C., Noormets, R. & Lloyd, J. (2017). Submarine Landforms and Glacimarine Sedimentary Processes in Lomfjorden, East Spitsbergen. Marine Geology 390: 51-71.
  • Auriac, A., Whitehouse, P.L., Bentley, M.J., Patton, H., Lloyd, J.M. & Hubbard, A. (2016). Glacial isostatic adjustment associated with the Barents Sea ice sheet: a modelling inter-comparison. Quaternary Science Reviews 147: 122-135.
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Other (Digital/Visual Media)

  • Horton, B. P., Edwards, R. J. & Lloyd, J. M. (2000). Implications of a microfossil based transfer function in Holocene sea-level studies. Special No. 166: 41 - 54.