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Dr Rachel Colls - all publications

Edited book

  • Monaghan, L., Colls, R. & Evans, B. (2014). Obesity Discourse and Fat Politics: Research, Critique and Interventions. Routledge.
  • Hörschelmann, K. & Colls, R. (2009). Contested Bodies of Childhood and Youth. Basingstoke and New York: Palgrave Macmillan.

Edited Journal

  • Pollard, T.M., Rousham, E.K. & Colls, R. (2011). Intergenerational and familial approaches to obesity and related conditions. Annals of Human Biology, 38 (4): Informa Healthcare.

Chapter in book

  • Colls, R. (2012). Intra-body touching and the over-life sized paintings of Jenny Saville. In Touching Space, Placing Touch. Paterson, M. & Dodge, M. Ashgate.
  • Evans, B. & Colls, R. (2010). ‘Doing more good than harm’? The absent presence of children’s bodies in (anti)obesity policy'. In The Obesity Debate. Monaghan, L. Rich, E. & Aphramor, L. Palgrave.

Journal Article

  • Colls, R, Evans, B & Bias, S (2020). The Dys-appearing Fat Body: Bodily Intensities and Fatphobic Sociomaterialities when Flying Whilst Fat. Annals of the American Association of Geographers
  • Burke, S., Carr, A., Casson, H., Coddington, K., Colls, R., Jollans, A., Jordan, S., Smith, K., Taylor, N. & Urquhart, H. (2017). Generative Spaces: Intimacy, Activism and Teaching Feminist Geographies. Gender, Place and Culture 24(5): 661-673.
  • Colls, R. & Evans, B. (2014). Making space for fat bodies?: A critical account of ‘the obesogenic environment’. Progress in Human Geography 38(6): 733-753.
  • Colls, R. & Fannin, M. (2013). Placental surfaces and the geographies of bodily interiors. Environment and Planning A 45: 1187-1104.
  • Colls, R. (2012). 'Big Girls Having Fun': Reflections on a fat accepting space. Somatechnics 2(1): 18-37.
  • Colls, R. (2012). BodiesTouchingBodies: Jenny Saville’s over-life sized paintings and the ’morpho-logics’ of fat, female bodies. Gender, Place and Culture 19(2): 175-192.
  • Colls, R. (2012). Feminism, bodily difference and non-representational geographies. Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers 37(3): 430-445.
  • Andrews, G., Colls, R., Evans, B. & Hall, E. (2012). Moving Beyond Walkability: on the unrealised potential of health geography. Social Science and Medicine
  • Evans, B., Colls, R. & Horschelmann, K. (2011). 'Change4Life for your kids': embodied collectives and public health pedagogy. Sport, Education and Society 16(3): 323-341.
  • Colls, R. & Evans, B. (2010). Challenging Assumptions: Re-thinking the obesity 'problem'. Geography 95(2): 99-105.
  • Colls, R. & Evans, B. (2009). Critical Geographies of Fat/Bigness/Corpulence. Introduction: Questioning Obesity Politics. Antipode 41(5): 1011-1020.
  • Evans, B. & Colls, R. (2009). Measuring Fatness, Governing Bodies: The Spatialities of the Body Mass Index(BMI) in Anti-Obesity Politics. Antipode 41(5): 1051-1083.
  • Colls, R. & Hörschelmann, K. (2009). The geographies of children's and young people's bodies. Children's Geographies 7(1): 1-6.
  • Colls, R. & Evans, B. (2008). Embodying responsibility: children's health and supermarket initiatives. Environment and Planning A 40(3): 615-631.
  • Colls, R. (2007). Materialising bodily matter: Intra-action and the embodiment of 'Fat'. Geoforum 38(2): 353-365.
  • Colls, R. (2006). Outsize/Outside: Bodily bignesses and the emotional experiences of British women shopping for clothes. Gender Place and Culture 13(5): 529-545.
  • Colls, R. (2004). 'Looking alright, feeling alright': emotions, sizing and the geographies of women's experiences of clothing consumption. Social & Cultural Geography 5(4): 583-596.


  • Shucksmith, J., Colls, R., McNaughton, R., Ells, L. & Wilkinson, J. (2007). A pilot study to examine school-based aspects of the BMI surveillance programme in NE England.
  • Colls, R, Featherstone, D, O’Brien, M & Sadler, D (2005). Transformations: changing careers, meanings and experiences of women’s political activism. A report commissioned from The University of Liverpool by UNISON North West. Liverpool.