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Staff Profile

Dr Paul Denny, BSc (Hons), PhD

Associate Professor in the Department of Biosciences
Telephone: +44 (0) 191 33 43983
Room number: 163
Associate Professor in the Department of Chemistry
Telephone: +44 (0) 191 33 43983

Contact Dr Paul Denny (email at


Protozoan parasites are the causative agents of a wide range of important human and animal diseases, including malaria. Current work in Paul's laboratory is focused on furthering the understanding of the role of lipid biosynthesis and membrane trafficking in host-pathogen interactions, with a view to elucidating protozoan specific activities amenable to therapeutic intervention. Previous to his appointment in 2004 Paul worked in research posts at Imperial College London and at the Medical Research Council's National Institute for Medical Research.

1. Mapping the apicomplexan sphingolipid biosynthetic pathway (with Dr Ehmke Pohl)

2. Targeting protozoan sphingolipid biosynthesis (with Dr Patrick Steel)

3. Antimicrobial peptides as antileishmanials (with Dr Steven Cobb)


Research Groups

Department of Biosciences

Wolfson Research Institute for Health and Wellbeing

Research Interests

  • Cell Biology
  • Lipid Biochemistry
  • Molecular Biology
  • Parasitology


Journal Article

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Newspaper/Magazine Article

  • Denny, P.W. (2017). A very unpleasant 'kiss'. Microbiologist 18(4): 20-21.
  • Denny, P.W. (2007). Turning up the heat on tropical disease. BBSRC Business 6.

Other (Digital/Visual Media)

  • Denny, P.W. (2016). Bacteria and protozoa, chemistry and biology discussed.

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  • Infectious diseases: Parasites that affect both humans and animals