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Professor Alan Purvis, BSc PhD FIET

Emeritus Professor in the Department of Engineering
Telephone: +44 (0) 191 33 42437
Room number: Room number: E498 (Christopherson Building)

(email at alan.purvis@durham.ac.uk)

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I have a background in Signal Processing for Engineering. My early training at the Cavendish Laboratory was in Radio Astronomy, Aperture Synthesis and Interferometry. The search to link radio objects to optical galaxies led me to be part of the first teams buidling CCD cameras and the image processing technologies then enabled. Interests which followed include the correction of atmospheric seeing using liquid crystal phase modulating devices, the synthesis of optical elements and the use of fast processor technologies to perform high speed real time calculations. This work has involved considerable interaction with Industry. Working with the RDA One North East significant Technology Transfer Projects were initiated called ReCET, NeMEC and CENS deploying European funds to assist SMEs take advantage of University Research and generate more economic impact. These projects evolved into a National Faraday Centre and engaged high profile businesses as partners through follow on EPSRC awards such as Agilent, Sharp and Intel. With this substantial corporate experience now shared with the KTNs opportunities to exploit core EPSRC funded research in the manufacturing sector where there is considerable interest in novel techniques to enable electronic products to repair (heal) themselves. we are very excited at the prospect of extending this know how on self -fix strategies to encompass electro-mechanical goods with current Industrial sponsors. 

Research Interests

  • Digital signal processing
  • Optics and image processing

Selected Publications

Chapter in book

  • Jones, David H., McWilliam, Richard. & Purvis, Alan. (2011). Design of Self-Assembling, Self-Repairing 3D Irregular Cellular Automata. In Cellular Automata - Innovative Modelling for Science and Engineering. Alejandro Salcido InTech. 373-394.
  • Jones, David, McWilliam, Richard. & Purvis, Alan. (2010). Design of a self-assembling, repairing and reconfiguring Arithmetic Logic Unit. In New Advanced Technologies. Aleksandar Lazinica Vienna, Austria: Intech Education and Publishing. 161-176.

Journal Article

  • McWilliam, Richard, Schiefer, Philipp & Purvis, Alan (2017). Creating self-configuring logic with built-in resilience to multiple-upset events. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part B: Journal of Engineering Manufacture 231(13): 2279-2290.
  • McWilliam, Richard, Williams, Gavin, Cowling, Joshua, Seed, Luke & Purvis, Alan (2016). High contrast pattern reconstructions using a phase-seeded point CGH method. Applied Optics 55(7): 1701-1710.
  • McWilliam, Richard, Purvis, Alan & Khan, Samir (2016). Modelling the Positional and Orientation Sensitivity of Inductively Coupled Sensors for Industrial IoT Applications. International Journal of Simulation Systems, Science & Technology 17(35): 23.1.
  • Toriz-Garcia, J. J., Cowling, J. J., Williams, G. L., Bai, Q., Seed, N. L., Tennant, A., McWilliam, R., Purvis, A., Soulard, F. B. & Ivey, P. A. (2013). Fabrication of a 3D electrically small antenna using holographic photolithography. Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering 23(5): 055010.
  • Frei, Regina, Mcwilliam, Richard, Derrick, Benjamin, Purvis, Alan, Tiwari, Ashutosh & Di Marzo Serugendo, Gioavanna (2013). Self-healing and self-repairing technologies. The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology 69(5-8): 1033-1061.
  • Jones, D.H., McWilliam, R. & Purvis, A. (2011). Convergence and feedback: a framework for cellular automata design. Journal of Cellular Automata 6(4-5): 399-416.
  • Cowling, J.J., Williams, G.L., Purvis, A., McWilliam, R., Toriz-Garcia, J.J., Seed, N.L., Soulard, F.B. & Ivey, P.A. (2011). Three-dimensional holographic lithography by an iterative algorithm. Optics Letters 36(13): 2495-2497.
  • Toriz-Garcia, J.J., Williams, G.L., McWilliam, R., Seed, N.L., Purvis, A., Soulard, F.B., Cowling, J.J. & Ivey P.A. (2011). Vertical tracks on the sidewall of a silicon die using 3D holographic photolithography. Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering 21(8): 085034.
  • Toriz-Garcia, Jesus J., Williams, Gavin L., McWilliam, Richard., Curry, Richard., Seed, N. L., Purvis, Alan. & Ivey, Peter A. (2010). Controlled-width track in through silicon via using 3D holographic photolithography with modified electrodepositable photoresist. Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering 20(1): 015012.
  • Jones, David, McWilliam, Richard & Purvis, Alan (2008). Design of self-assembling self-repairing 3D systems capable of metamorphosis. Artificial Life and Robotics
  • Jones, David, McWilliam, Richard & Purvis, Alan (2008). Designing convergent cellular automata. Biosystems 96(1): 80-85.
  • Purvis, Alan., McWilliam, Richard., Johnson, Simon., Seed, N., Williams, Gavin., Maiden, Andrew. & Ivey, Peter. (2007). Photolithographic Patterning of Bi-Helical Tracks onto Conical Substrates. Journal of Micro/Nanolithography, MEMS and MOEMS 6(4): 043015.
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  • Purvis, A., Birch, P.M., Gourlay, J. & Love, G.D. (1998). Real-time optical aberration correction with a ferroelectric liquid-crystal spatial light modulator. Macromolecular Symposia 37(11): 2164-2169.
  • Purvis A & K.C. Lo (1997). A new approach for estimating spectra from randomly sampled sequences. Circuits Systems Signal Processing 16(3): 375-386.
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  • Phillips, D., Purvis, A. & Johnson S. (1997). On an efficient VLSI architecture for the multirate additive synthesis of musical tones. Journal of Systems Architecture 43: 337-340.

Conference Paper

  • Wooder, D., Purvis, A. & McWilliam, R.P. (2017), Using big-data and surface fitting to improve aircraft safety through the study of relationships and anomalies, PROC-CIRP18 59: TESCONF-2016. Cranfield, Elsevier, 172-177.
  • McWilliam, R, Schiefer, P & Purvis, A (2016), A Combined Fault Detection and Discrimination Strategy for Resource-Sensitive Platforms, in Silvano, C, Stechele, W & Wong, S eds, 1st Workshop on RESource Awareness and Application Auto-tuning in Adaptive and heterogeNeous compuTing DATE16. Dresden, Germany.
  • McWilliam, R., Khan, S. & Purvis, A. (2016), Modelling the Positional and Orientation Sensitivity of Proximity Sensors, in Al-Dabass, David, Orsoni, Alessandra, Cant, Richard & Jenkins, Glenn eds, 2016 UKSim-AMSS 18th International Conference on Computer Modelling and Simulation (UKSim). Cambridge, IEEE, 355-360.
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  • Soulard, F., McWilliam, R., Williams, G., Toriz-Garcia, J., Purvis, A. & Seed, N. (2011), Fabricating non-planar antenna structures by a novel 3-D holographic photolithography method, Second UK URSI Festival of Radio Science. University of Leicester, UK, University of Leicester.
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Conference Proceeding

  • Williams, Gavin L., McWilliam, Richard., Toriz-Garcia, Jesus., Curry, Richard., Maiden, Andrew., Seed, Luke N., Purvis, Alan. & Ivey, Peter A. (2008). A photolithographic process for grossly non-planar substrates. Advanced Lithography, San Jose, CA, USA, SPIE.
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