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Durham University

Email and Telephone Directory

Staff Profile

Emmanuel Ogundimu, PhD Warwick University

Assistant Professor in Statistics in the Department of Mathematical Sciences

(email at

Research Groups

Department of Mathematical Sciences

  • Probability & Statistics: Statistics
  • Probability and Statistics

Research Interests

  • Applied Statistics
  • Biostatistics
  • Machine Learning
  • Models for Rare Events
  • Sample Selection Models

Teaching Areas

  • MATH1587 Programming I (Python - 1st year)

  • MATH42515 Data Exploration, Visualization, And Unsupervised Learning (Masters level)


Journal Article

  • Ogundimu, Emmanuel O & Collins, Gary S (2019). A robust imputation method for missing responses and covariates in sample selection models. Statistical Methods in Medical Research 28(1): 102.
  • Ogundimu, Emmanuel O. (2019). Prediction of default probability by using statistical models for rare events. Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series A (Statistics in Society) 182(4): 1143.
  • Ogundimu, Emmanuel O. & Collins, Gary S. (2018). Predictive performance of penalized beta regression model for continuous bounded outcomes. Journal of Applied Statistics 45(6): 1030.
  • Ogundimu, Emmanuel O. & Hutton, Jane L. (2016). A unified approach to multilevel sample selection models. Communications in Statistics - Theory and Methods 45(9): 2592.
  • Ogundimu, Emmanuel O., Altman, Douglas G. & Collins, Gary S. (2016). Adequate sample size for developing prediction models is not simply related to events per variable. Journal of Clinical Epidemiology 76: 175.
  • Rubio, F. J., Ogundimu, E. O. & Hutton, J. L. (2016). On modelling asymmetric data using two-piece sinh–arcsinh distributions. Brazilian Journal of Probability and Statistics 30(3): 485.
  • Collins, Gary S., Ogundimu, Emmanuel O., Cook, Jonathan A., Manach, Yannick Le & Altman, Douglas G. (2016). Quantifying the impact of different approaches for handling continuous predictors on the performance of a prognostic model. Statistics in Medicine 35(23): 4124.
  • Ogundimu, Emmanuel O. & Hutton, Jane L. (2015). A Sample Selection Model with Skew-normal Distribution. Scandinavian Journal of Statistics 43(1): 172.
  • Ogundimu, Emmanuel O. & Hutton, Jane L. (2015). On the extended two-parameter generalized skew-normal distribution. Statistics & Probability Letters 100: 142.
  • Collins, Gary S., Ogundimu, Emmanuel O. & Altman, Douglas G. (2015). Sample size considerations for the external validation of a multivariable prognostic model: a resampling study. Statistics in Medicine 35(2): 214.
  • Akacha, Mouna & Ogundimu, Emmanuel O. (2015). Sensitivity analyses for partially observed recurrent event data. Pharmaceutical Statistics 15(1): 4.