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Dr Nicky Garland - all publications

Chapter in book

  • Allan, J, Garland, N & Holbrook, N (2021). Excavations at 196–7 High Street, 1972–4. In Studies in the Roman and Medieval Archaeology of Exeter. Rippon, S & Holbrook, N Oxbow Books. 2: 213-240.
  • Garland, N, Holbrook, N & Allan, J (2021). Excavations at Rack Street, 1974–5 and 1977–8. In Studies in the Roman and Medieval Archaeology of Exeter. Rippon, S & Holbrook, N Oxbow Books. 2: 241-270.
  • Garland, N, Allan, J & Holbrook, N (2021). Excavations at Trichay Street and Pancras Lane, 1972–3. In Studies in the Roman and Medieval Archaeology of Exeter. Rippon, S & Holbrook, N Oxbow Books. 2: 139-188.
  • Garland, N. (2019). The Iron Age in the Wall corridor. In Hadrian’s Wall 2009-2019: A Summary of Excavation and Research prepared for The Fourteenth Pilgrimage of Hadrian’s Wall, 20-28 July 2019. Collins, R. & Symonds, M. Cumberland and Westmorland Antiquarian and Archaeological Society and the Society of Antiquaries of Newcastle upon Tyne. 19-26.
  • Garland, Nicky (2018). Linking Magic and Medicine in Early Roman Britain: The ‘Doctor’s’ Burial, Stanway, Camulodunum. In Material Approaches to Roman Magic: Occult Objects and Supernatural Substances. Parker, A. & McKie, S. Oxbow Books. 2.
  • Garland, N. (2016). New perspectives on British territorial oppida: the examination of Iron Age landscapes in time and space. In Proceedings of the 17th Iron Age Research Student Symposium, Edinburgh 29th May - 1st June 2014. Erskine, G., Jacobsson, P., Miller, P. & Stetkiewicz, S. Archaeopress. 108-119.

Journal Article

  • Garland, Nicky (2020). The Origins of British Oppida: Understanding Transformation in Iron Age practice and society. Oxford Journal of Archaeology 39(1): 107.
  • Garland, N. & Stansbie, D. (2019). A later prehistoric landscape at Sandy Lane, Northampton. Northamptonshire Archaeology 40: 77-86.
  • Garland, N. & Marsden, K. (2019). A Summary Report of Excavations at St Mary’s Primary School, Marlborough, Wiltshire. Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Magazine 112: 27-36.
  • Garland, N. (2019). Aldermaston Road Triangle. Hampshire Studies: Proceedings of the Hampshire Field Club Archaeological Society 74: 179-180.
  • Garland, N. & Stansbie, D. (2018). Excavation of Late Iron Age and Roman enclosures and a medieval to post-medieval agricultural landscape at Highfield Farm, Gloucestershire, 2015 and 2016. Transactions of the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society 136(83-89).
  • Gillard, M., Jones, G.P. & Garland, N. (2018). Mesolithic and Bronze Age Activity south of the A379, Newcourt, Exeter. Proceedings of the Devon Archaeological Society 76: 7-28.
  • Garland, N. & Orellana, J. (2018). Prehistoric and Roman Occupation along the River Exe: Archaeological excavations at the Aldi Site, Exeter Road, Topsham, Devon’. Proceedings of the Devon Archaeological Society 76: 97-114.
  • Garland, N. (2018). Rethinking the dichotomy: ‘Romans’ and ‘barbarians’. Antiquity 92(362): 538.
  • Garland, N. (2018). Romano British occupation at the Catthorpe interchange, M1 Junction 19, Leicestershire. Transactions of the Leicestershire Archaeological and Historical Society 92: 239-246.
  • Leonard, C., Garland, N., McSloy, E.R. & Cobain, S. (2017). Summary results of an Excavation at former Headlands School, Swindon, 2014. Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Magazine 110(233-237).
  • Garland, Nicky (2016). Agency, Structure, and Place: Finds in the Landscape in the Late Iron Age/ Early Roman Transition. Theoretical Roman Archaeology Journal (2015): 76-91.
  • Garland, N. & Anderson-Whymark, H. (2016). Mesolithic and late Neolithic/Bronze Age activity on the site of the American Express Community Stadium, Falmer, East Sussex. Sussex Archaeological Collections 154: 1-44.
  • Garland, N., Davenport, P. & Holt, R. (2015). Archaeological Investigations at Llanthony Secunda Priory, Gloucester, 2014. Glevensis 48: 35-41.
  • Doherty, A. & Garland, N. (2015). Archaeological investigations of the Devil’s Ditch at Windmill Park, Stane Street, Halnaker, West Sussex. Sussex Archaeological Collections 153: 41-46.
  • Garland, Nicky (2013). Ritual Landscapes of Pre-Roman Britain: The Margins of Practice on the Margins of the Empire. Theoretical Roman Archaeology Journal (2012): 183-198.
  • Garland, Nicky (2012). Boundaries and Change: The Examination of the Late Iron Age-Roman Transition. Theoretical Roman Archaeology Journal (2011): 91-104.

Book review

  • Garland, N. (2019). Review of ‘Late Iron Age Calleva: The pre-conquest occupation at Silchester Insula IX. Silchester Roman Town: The Insula IX Project volume 3 by Michael Fulford, Amanda Clarke, Emma Durham and Nicholas Pankhurst. Proceedings of the Prehistoric Society
  • Garland, N. (2018). Review of ‘The Roman Amphitheatre of Chester Volume 1: The Prehistoric and Roman Archaeology by Tony Wilmott and Dan Garner.’. Proceedings of the Prehistoric Society