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Dr Raphaela Heesen - all publications

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  • Heesen R., Sievers C., Gruber T. & Clay Z. (Accepted). Primate communication: Affective, intentional, or both? In Primate Cognitive Studies. B. L. Schwartz & M. J. Beran Cambridge University Press.

Journal Article

  • Heesen R. , Fröhlich M., Sievers C. Woensdregt M. & Dingemanse M. (2022). Coordinating social action: A primer for the cross-species investigation of communicative repair. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B
  • Heesen R., Bangerter A., Zuberbühler K., Iglesias K., Neumann C., Pajot A., Perrenoud L., Guéry JP. Rossano F. & Genty E. (2021). Assessing joint commitment as a process in great apes. iScience 24(8): 102872.
  • Heesen R. , Zuberbühler K., Bangerter A., Iglesias K., Rossano F., Pajot A. Guéry J.P. & Genty E. (2021). Evidence of joint commitment in great apes’ natural joint actions. Royal Society Open Science 8: 211121.
  • Safryghin, A., Cross, C., Fallon, B., Heesen, R., Ferrer-i-Cancho, R. & Hobaiter, C. (2021). Linguistic laws are not the law in chimpanzee sexual solicitation gestures. bioRxiv
  • Heesen, R., Austry, D., Upton, Z. & Clay, Z. (2021). Tactical signalling by victims increases bystander consolation in bonobos. bioRxiv
  • Watson S.K., Heesen R. (Co-first authors) , Hedwig D., Robbins M.M. & Townsend S.W. (2020). An exploration of Menzerath’s law in wild mountain gorilla vocal sequences. Biology Letters 20200380.
  • Heesen R., Bangerter A., Zuberbühler K., Rossano F., Iglesias K., Guéry JP. & Genty E. (2020). Bonobos engage in joint commitment. Science Advances 6(51): eabd1306.
  • Genty, E., Heesen, R., , Guéry, JP., Rossano, F., Zuberbühler, K., & Bangerter, A. (2020). How apes get into and out of joint actions: Shared intentionality as an interactional achievement. Interaction Studies
  • Heesen R., Hobaiter C., Ferrer-i-Cancho R. & Semple S. (2019). Linguistic laws in chimpanzee gestural communication. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 286(1896): 20182900.
  • Heesen R., Genty E., Rossano F., Zuberbühler K. & Bangerter A. (2017). Social play as joint action: A framework to study the evolution of shared intentionality as an interactional achievement. Learning & Behavior 45(4): 390.