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Durham University

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Dr Olof Leffler

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Teaching Fellow/Erasmus Officer in the Department of Philosophy

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About me

I started at Durham in 2019. Since then, I have been teaching various areas of philosophy connected to PPE - mostly ethics and the philosophy of the social sciences. Before I came here, I finished my PhD at the University of Leeds. And before I was at Leeds, I did my undergraduate and MA degrees at Gothenburg in my native Sweden.

My research is centred around on metanormativity. More rigorously put, my AOS:s are metaethics, philosophy of action, and normative ethics, and my AOC:s are epistemology, political philosophy, and the philosophy of the social sciences, especially in areas that intersect with my main interests in metanormativity. The latter generalizes even further: I am also interested in issues that have a bearing on my main areas of interests but which often are construed as belonging elsewhere in philosophy, such as in philosophy of mind and metaphilosophy.

My 2019 dissertation is called 'The Constitution of Constitutivism' and develops a form of Humean constitutivism about practical norms. I also develop that picture in various publications, and I am currently working on additional papers (and, indeed, research projects) where I aim do so to an even greater extent.

Research Interests

  • Metaethics
  • Normative Ethics
  • Philosophy of Action

Selected Publications

Chapter in book

  • Leffler, Olof (2020). Reasons Internalism, Cooperation, and Law. In Social Ontology, Normativity and Law. Garcia-Godinez, Miguel, Mellin, Rachael & Tuomela, Raimo de Gruyter. 115-132.
  • Leffler, Olof (2014). Om rättfärdigandereflektion. In Meningens motstånd. Alarcón, Meri, Amundsen Bergström, Matilda Kaveh, Tania & Pettersen, Vilde Andrea

Journal Article

  • Leffler, Olof (2019). New Shmagency Worries. Journal of Ethics and Social Philosophy 15(2): 121-145.
  • Leffler, Olof (2016). The Foundations of Agency - And Ethics? Philosophia 44(2): 547-563.

Book review

  • Leffler, Olof (2018). Olof Leffler om Ryan Muldoons Social Contract Theory for a Diverse World: Beyond Tolerance. Tidskrift för Politisk Filosofi
  • Leffler, Olof (2016). Olof Leffler om From Morality to the End of Reason av Ingmar Persson. Filosofisk Tidskrift

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