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Durham University

Email and Telephone Directory

Staff Profile

Fernando Galaz-Garcia, PhD University of Maryland College Park, Habilitation Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

Assistant Professor, Analysis, Dynamics & Geometry in the Department of Mathematical Sciences
Telephone: +44 (0) 191 33 43110
Room number: CM106

(email at

Research Groups

Department of Mathematical Sciences

  • Pure Mathematics
  • Pure Mathematics: Geometry

Research Interests

  • Differential Geometry
  • Geometric Topology
  • Metric Geometry
  • Transformation Groups


Edited book

  • Galaz-García, Fernando (Editor), Pardo Millán, Juan Carlos (Editor) & Solórzano, Pedro (Editor) (2018). Contributions of Mexican Mathematicians Abroad in Pure and Applied Mathematics. Contemporary Mathematics. American Mathematical Society.
  • Bárcenas, Noé (Editor), Galaz-García, Fernando (Editor) & Moreno Rocha, Mónica (Editor) (2016). Mexican Mathematicians Abroad. Contemporary Mathematics. American Mathematical Society.

Chapter in book

  • Galaz-García, Fernando, Guijarro, Luis & Núñez-Zimbrón, Jesús (2020). Collapsed 3-Dimensional Alexandrov Spaces: A Brief Survey. In Differential Geometry in the Large. Dearricott, Owen, Tuschmann, Wilderich Nikolayevsky,Yuri, Leistner, Thomas & Crowley, Diarmuid Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 463: 291-310.
  • Galaz-Garcia, Fernando (2014). A Note on Maximal Symmetry Rank, Quasipositive Curvature, and Low Dimensional Manifolds. In Geometry of Manifolds with Non-negative Sectional Curvature. Springer. 2110: 45-55.

Journal Article

  • Galaz-García, Fernando & Zarei, Masoumeh (2020). Cohomogeneity one Alexandrov spaces in low dimensions. Annals of Global Analysis and Geometry 58(2): 109-146.
  • Galaz-García, Fernando & Tuschmann, Wilderich (2020). Finiteness and realization theorems for Alexandrov spaces with bounded curvature. Boletín de la Sociedad Matemática Mexicana 26(2): 749-756.
  • Corro, Diego & Galaz-García, Fernando (2020). Positive Ricci curvature on simply-connected manifolds with cohomogeneity-two torus actions. Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society 148(7): 3087-3097.
  • Eltzner, Benjamin, Galaz-García, Fernando , Huckemann, Stephan F. & Tuschmann, Wilderich (2020). Stability of the cut locus and a Central Limit Theorem for Fréchet means of Riemannian manifolds. Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society
  • Galaz-García, Fernando, Guijarro, Luis & Núñez-Zimbrón, Jesús (2020). Sufficiently collapsed irreducible Alexandrov 3-spaces are geometric. Indiana University Mathematics Journal 69(3): 977-1005.
  • Galaz-García, Fernando & Núñez-Zimbrón, Jesús (2020). Three-dimensional Alexandrov spaces with local isometric circle actions. Kyoto Journal of Mathematics 60(3): 801-823.
  • Galaz-García, F., Kerin, M. & Radeschi, M. (2020). Torus actions on rationally elliptic manifolds. Mathematische Zeitschrift
  • Galaz-García, Fernando & Zarei, Masoumeh (2018). Cohomogeneity one topological manifolds revisited. Mathematische Zeitschrift 288(3-4): 829-853.
  • Galaz-García, Fernando, Kell, Martin, Mondino, Andrea & Sosa, Gerardo (2018). On quotients of spaces with Ricci curvature bounded below. Journal of Functional Analysis 275(6): 1368-1446.
  • Deng, Qintao, Galaz-García, Fernando, Guijarro, Luis & Munn, Michael (2018). Three-Dimensional Alexandrov Spaces with Positive or Nonnegative Ricci Curvature. Potential Analysis 48(2): 223-238.
  • Galaz-García, Fernando, Kerin, Martin, Radeschi, Marco & Wiemeler, Michael (2017). Torus Orbifolds, Slice-Maximal Torus Actions, and Rational Ellipticity. International Mathematics Research Notices 2018(18): 5786-5822.
  • Galaz-García, Fernando (2016). A glance at three-dimensional Alexandrov spaces. Frontiers of Mathematics in China 11(5): 1189-1206.
  • Galaz-García, Fernando & Guijarro, Luis (2015). Every point in a Riemannian manifold is critical. Calculus of Variations and Partial Differential Equations 54(2): 2079-2084.
  • Galaz-Garcia, Fernando & Radeschi, Marco (2015). Singular Riemannian foliations and applications to positive and non-negative curvature. Journal of Topology 8(3): 603-620.
  • Galaz-Garcia, Fernando & Kerin, Martin (2014). Cohomogeneity-two torus actions on non-negatively curved manifolds of low dimension. Mathematische Zeitschrift 276(1-2): 133-152.
  • Galaz-Garcia, Fernando & Spindeler, Wolfgang (2014). Erratum to: Nonnegatively curved fixed point homogeneous 5-manifolds. Annals of Global Analysis and Geometry 45(2): 151-153.
  • Galaz-Garcia, Fernando & Searle, Catherine (2014). Nonnegatively curved 5–manifolds with almost maximal symmetry rank. Geometry & Topology 18(3): 1397-1435.
  • Galaz-Garcia, Fernando & Guijarro, Luis (2014). On Three-Dimensional Alexandrov Spaces. International Mathematics Research Notices 2015(14): 5560-5576.
  • Galaz-Garcia, Fernando & Guijarro, Luis (2013). Isometry groups of Alexandrov spaces. Bulletin of the London Mathematical Society 45(3): 567-579.
  • Galaz-Garcia, Fernando & Spindeler, Wolfgang (2012). Nonnegatively curved fixed point homogeneous 5-manifolds. Annals of Global Analysis and Geometry 41(2): 253-263.
  • Galaz-Garcia, Fernando (2012). Nonnegatively curved fixed point homogeneous manifolds in low dimensions. Geometriae Dedicata 157(1): 367-396.
  • Galaz-Garcia, Fernando & Searle, Catherine (2011). Cohomogeneity one Alexandrov spaces. Transformation Groups 16(1): 91-107.
  • Galaz-Garcia, Fernando & Searle, Catherine (2010). Low-dimensional manifolds with non-negative curvature and maximal symmetry rank. Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society 139(7): 2559-2564.
  • Galaz-Garcia, Fernando (2009). Bounds on Characteristic Numbers by Curvature and Radius. Rocky Mountain Journal of Mathematics 39(4): 1225-1231.
  • Galaz-Garcia, Fernando (2008). Examples of 4-manifolds with almost nonpositive curvature. Differential Geometry and its Applications 26(6): 697-703.