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Durham University

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Dr Yiji Lu, BEng(Hons), Mphil, PhD

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Assistant Professor (Research) in the Department of Engineering
Room number: E268 Higginson

(email at


Yiji Lu is an Assistant Professor (Research) in the Department of Engineering and a Fellow in the Durham Energy Institute, focuses his research on the technological development of Low-Carbon Technologies including Renewable and Clean Energy Conversion, Energy Storage and Cleaner/Alternative Fuels to tackle the Climate Change challenges.

Yiji is a researcher in the £20m EPSRC National Centre for Energy Systems Integration, and a co-investigator of the CESI-funded Case Study on Integrated Zero-Carbon Hub. He leads the Royal Academy of Engineering - Transforming Systems through Partnership Scheme to develop clean energy technologies and technical solutions for transport decarbonisation.

Yiji obtained an MPhil in Sustainability (2012) and his PhD in Energy (2016) at Newcastle University, being awarded a prestigious Outstanding Research Award towards his PhD project. Yiji has a strong track record in energy theme research published over 70 articles in high-quality international journals and peer-reviewed conferences, with around 700 citations and a current H-Index of 17 according to Google Scholar.

Yiji is a member of the EPSRC Peer Review College and servers as an Associate Editor at Energy Reports, and an Editorial Member in various Energy Theme journals such as Scientific Reports (Nature Research), Thermal Science and Engineering Progress (Elsevier), Energy Reports (Elsevier), Frontiers in Energy Research (Frontiers) and Sustainability (MDPI). He has recently guest-edited Secial Issues including: ‘Energy Storage’, ‘Organic Rankine Cycle’, ‘Hydrogen Economy’, ‘Cleaner Fuels in Future Energy Systems’, ‘Fuels of the Future’.

Three Minute introduction - Yiji ’s work and vision on Energy Research for a Clean Energy Future.

Research Interests

  • Alternative Fuels
  • Energy Conversion
  • Energy Storage
  • Energy Systems
  • Hydrogen Economy
  • Renewable Energy
  • Thermal Energy Engineering

Selected Publications

Edited Journal

  • Lu, Yiji, Chen, Haisheng, Wang, Liwei, Yu, Zitao, Huang, Yuqi, Yu, Xiaoli, Wang, Yaodong & Roskilly, Anthony Roskilly (2021). Energy Storage - Driving towards a clean energy future. Energy Reports, 6 (Supplement 7): Elsevier.
  • Wang, Enhua, Markides, Christos, Lu, Yiji & Lemort, Vincent (2020). Organic Rankine Cycle for Efficiency Improvement of Industrial Processes and Urban Systems. Frontiers in Energy Research, Frontiers.
  • Roskilly, Anthony Roskilly, Yu, Xiaoli & Lu, Yiji (2019). Fuels of the Future. Energies, 12 (10): MDPI.

Chapter in book

  • Lu, Yiji, Roskilly, Anthony Paul & Yu, Xiaoli (2018). The Development and Application of Organic Rankine Cycle for Vehicle Waste Heat Recovery. In Organic Rankine Cycle Technology for Heat Recovery. InTechopen.

Journal Article

  • Fang, Yidong, Lu, Yiji, Roskilly, Anthony Paul & Yu, Xiaoli (2021). A review of compressed air energy systems in vehicle transport. Energy Strategy Reviews 33: 100583.
  • Li, Zhi, Lu, Yiji, Huang, Rui, Chang, Jinwei, Yu, Xiaonan, Jiang, Ruicheng, Yu, Xiaoli & Roskilly, Anthony Paul (2021). Applications and technological challenges for heat recovery, storage and utilisation with latent thermal energy storage. Applied Energy 283: 116277.
  • Li, Zhi, Lu, Yiji, Huang, Rui, Wang, Lei, Jiang, Ruicheng, Yu, Xiaonan & Yu, Xiaoli (2020). Parametric study on melting process of a shell-and-tube latent thermal energy storage under fluctuating thermal conditions. Applied Thermal Engineering 180: 115898.
  • Huang, Yuqi, Wang, Shun, Lu, Yiji, Huang, Rui & Yu, Xiaoli (2020). Study on a liquid cooled battery thermal management system pertaining to the transient regime. Applied Thermal Engineering 180.
  • Zhang, Zhichao, Lu, Yiji, Wang, Yaodong, Yu, Xiaoli, Smallbone, Andrew, Dong, Chenxuan & Roskilly, Anthony Paul (2019). Comparative study of using multi-wall carbon nanotube and two different sizes of cerium oxide nanopowders as fuel additives under various diesel engine conditions. FUEL 256: 115904.
  • Yu, Xiaoli, Li, Zhi, Lu, Yiji, Huang, Rui & Roskilly, Anthony Paul (2019). Investigation of organic Rankine cycle integrated with double latent thermal energy storage for engine waste heat recovery. Energy 170: 1098.
  • Jiang, Long, Lu, Yiji, Roskilly, Anthony Paul, Wang, Ruzhu, Wang, Liwei & Tang, K. (2018). Exploration of ammonia resorption cycle for power generation by using novel composite sorbent. Applied Energy 215: 457.
  • Lu, Yiji, Roskilly, Anthony Paul, Yu, Xiaoli, Jiang, Long & Chen, Longfei (2018). Technical feasibility study of scroll-type rotary gasoline engine: A compact and efficient small-scale Humphrey cycle engine. Applied Energy 221: 67.
  • Lu, Yiji, Roskilly, Anthony Paul, Jiang, Long, Chen, Longfei & Yu, Xiaoli (2017). Analysis of a 1 kW organic Rankine cycle using a scroll expander for engine coolant and exhaust heat recovery. Frontiers in Energy 11(4): 527.
  • Lu, Yiji, Roskilly, Anthony Paul, Tang, Ke, Wang, Yaodong, Jiang, Long, Yuan, Ye & Wang, Liwei (2017). Investigation and performance study of a dual-source chemisorption power generation cycle using scroll expander. Applied Energy 204: 979.
  • Jiang, Long, Lu, Yiji, Tang, Ke, Wang, Yaodong, Wang, Ruzhu, Roskilly, Anthony Paul & Wang, Liwei (2017). Investigation on heat and mass transfer performance of novel composite strontium chloride for sorption reactors. Applied Thermal Engineering 121: 410.
  • Lu, Yiji, Roskilly, Anthony Paul, Yu, Xiaoli, Tang, Ke, Jiang, Long, Smallbone, Andrew, Chen, Longfei & Wang, Yaodong (2017). Parametric study for small scale engine coolant and exhaust heat recovery system using different Organic Rankine cycle layouts. Applied Thermal Engineering 127: 1252-1266.
  • Lu, Yiji, Wang, Yaodong, Bao, Huashan, Yuan, Ye, Wang, Liwei & Roskilly, Anthony Paul (2015). Analysis of an optimal resorption cogeneration using mass and heat recovery processes. Applied Energy 160: 892-901.
  • Lu, Yiji, Wang, Yaodong, Dong, Chenxuan, Wang, Liwei & Roskilly, Anthony Paul (2015). Design and assessment on a novel integrated system for power and refrigeration using waste heat from diesel engine. Applied Thermal Engineering 91: 591-599.

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