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Sabine Boegli - all publications

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  • Boegli, Sabine & Tretter, Christiane (2020). Eigenvalues of Magnetohydrodynamic Mean-Field Dynamo Models: Bounds and Reliable Computation. SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics 80(5): 2194-2225.
  • Boegli, Sabine & Marletta, Marco (2020). Essential numerical ranges for linear operator pencils. IMA Journal of Numerical Analysis 40(4): 2256-2308.
  • Bögli, Sabine, Marletta, Marco & Tretter, Christiane (2020). The essential numerical range for unbounded linear operators. Journal of Functional Analysis 279(1): 108509.
  • Boegli, Sabine (2018). Local convergence of spectra and pseudospectra. Journal of Spectral Theory 8(3): 1051-1098.
  • Boegli, Sabine, Siegl, Petr & Tretter, Christiane (2017). Approximations of spectra of Schrödinger operators with complex potentials on ℝ^d. Communications in Partial Differential Equations 42(7): 1001.
  • Boegli, Sabine (2017). Convergence of Sequences of Linear Operators and Their Spectra. Integral Equations and Operator Theory 88(4): 559-599.
  • Boegli, Sabine (2017). Schrödinger Operator with Non-Zero Accumulation Points of Complex Eigenvalues. Communications in Mathematical Physics 352(2): 629-639.
  • Boegli, Sabine, Brown, B. Malcolm, Marletta, Marco, Tretter, Christiane & Wagenhofer, Markus (2014). Guaranteed resonance enclosures and exclosures for atoms and molecules. Proceedings of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences 470(2171): 20140488.
  • Boegli, Sabine & Siegl, Petr (2014). Remarks on the Convergence of Pseudospectra. Integral Equations and Operator Theory 80(3): 303-321.