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Prof Aileen McHarg - all publications

Chapter in book

  • McCorkindale, C & McHarg, A (2021). Constitutional Pathways to a Second Independence Referendum. In Scotland's New Choice: Independence After Brexit. Hepburn, E, Keating, M & McEwen, N Centre on Constitutional Change.
  • McHarg, Aileen (2020). Energy Justice: Understanding the 'Ethical Turn' in Energy Law and Policy. In Energy Justice and Energy Law. del Guayo, Inigo, Godden, Lee, Zillman, Donald, D., Montoya, Milton Fernando & Gonzalez, Jose Juan Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  • McHarg, Aileen (2020). The Declaration of Arbroath and Scots Law. In Scotland and Arbroath 1320 - 2020: 700 Years of Fighting for Freedom, Sovereignty and Independence. Muller, Klaus Peter Bern, Switzerland: Peter Lang. 423-442.
  • McHarg, Aileen (2019). Devolution in Scotland. In The Changing Constitution. Jowell, Jeffrey & O'Cinneide, Colm Oxford University Press.
  • McHarg, Aileen & Nicolson, Donald (2019). Judgment: Salvesen v Riddell. In Scottish Feminist Judgments: (Re)Creating Law from the Outside In. Cowan, Sharon, Kennedy, Chloe & Munro, Vanessa Hart Publishing. 410-412.
  • McHarg, Aileen (2019). The Future of the United Kingdom’s Territorial Constitution: Can the Union Survive? In Claims for Secession and Federalism: a Comparative Study with a Special Focus on Spain. Lopez Basaguren, A & Escajedo San Epifanio, L Springer.
  • McHarg, A (2018). Constitutional change and territorial consent: The Miller Case and the Sewel Convention. In Elliott, M, Williams, J & Young, A Hart Publishing.
  • McHarg, A (2018). Unity and Diversity in the United Kingdom’s Territorial Constitution. In The Unity of Public Law? Doctrinal, Theoretical and Comparative Perspectives. Elliott, M, Varuhas, J & Stark, S Hart Publishing. 279-300.
  • McHarg, A (2016). The Constitutional Case for Independence. In The Scottish Independence Referendum: Constitutional and Political Implications. McHarg, A, Mullen,, Page, & Walker, Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Journal Article

  • McCorkindale, Christopher & McHarg, Aileen (2020). Tackling the Covid-19 Pandemic in Scotland. Revista Catalana de Dret Públic 2020: 256-265.
  • McHarg, Aileen (2020). The Model of Territorial Decentralisation in the United Kingdom. Rivista del Gruppo di Pisa 2: 65 -88.
  • McHarg, Aileen (2020). The Supreme Court's Prorogation Judgment: Guardian of the Constitution or Architect of the Constitution? Edinburgh Law Review 24(1): 88-95.
  • Cairney, Paul, McHarg, Aileen, McEwen, Nicola & Turner, Karen (2019). How to Conceptualise Energy Law and Policy for an Interdisciplinary Audience: the Case of Post-Brexit UK. Energy Policy 129: 459-466.
  • McHarg, Aileen & McCorkindale, Christopher (2019). The Supreme Court and Devolution: The Scottish Continuity Bill Reference. Juridical Review 2019(2): 190-197.
  • McHarg, Aileen (2018). Navigating without maps constitutional silence and the management of the Brexit crisis. International Journal of Constitutional Law 16(3): 952-968.
  • McCorkindale, C, McHarg, A & Scott, P (2018). The Courts, Devolution and Constitutional Review. University of Queensland Law Journal 36(2): 289-310.
  • McHarg, A (2017). Administrative discretion, administrative rule-making and judicial review. Current Legal Problems 70(1): 267-303.
  • McHarg, Aileen & Mitchell, James (2017). Brexit and Scotland. British Journal of Politics and International Relations 19(3): 512 - 526.

Book review

  • McHarg, Aileen (2019). Popular Sovereignty in Early Modern Constitutional Thought. Public Law 2019(October): 804-806.

Other (Digital/Visual Media)

  • McCorkindale, Chris & McHarg, Aileen (2020). Constitutional Pathways to a Second Scottish Independence Referendum.
  • McCorkindale, C, McHarg, A & Mullen T (2020). The Continuity Bill is Dead - Long Live the Continuity Bill: Regulatory Alignment and Divergence in Scotland Post-Brexit.
  • Dougan, Michael, Hayward, Katy, Hunt, Jo, McEwen, Nicola, McHarg, Aileen & Wincott, Daniel (2020). UK Internal Market, Devolution and the Union.
  • McEwen, Nicola, McHarg, Aileen, Munro, Fiona, Cairney, Paul, Turner, Karen & Katris, Antonios (2019). Brexit and Renewables in Scotland.
  • McHarg, Aileen (2019). Devolution at Twenty: Embedding a New Constitutional Paradigm.
  • McHarg, Aileen (2019). The Art of Judicial Disguise.
  • McHarg, Aileen (2019). The Defence of Parliamentary Democracy.