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Durham University

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Dr Lynn Welton

Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Archaeology

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Department of Archaeology


Chapter in book

  • Welton, L. (2015). Isotopic Indicators of Community Organization and Integration at Ikiztepe: Implications for Anatolian Social Development in the 4th Millennium BC. In Western Anatolia Before Troy: Proto-Urbanisation in the 4th Millennium BC?. Horejs, B. & Mehofer, M. 1: 395-412.
  • Welton, L. & Cooper, L. (2014). Caliciform Ware. In Ceramics. Lebeau, M. Brepols. 1: 325-353.
  • Welton, L. (2010). Preliminary Report on the Human Remains in the Cemeteries. In Archaeological Expedition to Khirbat Iskandar and Its Environs, Vol. 1: Final Report on the Early Bronze Age IV Area C “Gateway” and Cemeteries. Richard, S., Holdorf, P.S. & Peterman, G. ASOR. 261-266.

Journal Article

  • Welton, L., Harrison, T. Batiuk, S. Ünlü, E., Janeway, B., Karakaya, D. Lipovitch, D. Lumb, D. & Roames, J. (2019). Shifting Networks and Community Identity at Tell Tayinat in the Iron I (ca. 12th to mid-10th Cent. BCE). American Journal of Archaeology 123(2): 291-333.
  • Welton, Lynn (2018). EBIV ceramic production in the Orontes watershed: petrography from the Amuq and beyond. Levant
  • Cooper, L., Welton, L. & Pak, S. (2018). Spring Excavations in Kurdistan: Bestansur 2017. Journal of the Canadian Society for Mesopotamian Studies 11-12: 57-59.
  • Welton, L. (2017). Gap or Transition? Characterizing the Late Chalcolithic and Early Bronze Age I in the Amuq. Studia Eblaitica 3: 1-32.
  • Welton, L. (2017). Reforging Connections: The Black Sea Coast of Anatolia in the 4th-3rd Millennia BC. Anatolica 43: 117-156.
  • Welton, L. (2014). Review of Megiddo V. Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research (372): 217.
  • Welton, Lynn (2014). Revisiting the Amuq sequence: a preliminary investigation of the EBIVB ceramic assemblage from Tell Tayinat. Levant 46(3): 339-370.
  • Welton, L. (2012). The Amuq Plain and Tell Tayinat in the Third Millennium BCE: The Historical and Socio-Political Context. Journal of the Canadian Society for Mesopotamian Studies 6: 15-27.
  • Welton, L., Batiuk, S. & Harrison, T. (2011). Tell Tayinat in the Late Third Millennium B.C.: Recent Investigations of the Tayinat Archaeological Project, 2008-2010. Anatolica 37: 147-185.

Conference Paper

  • Batiuk, Stephen, Harrison, Tim, Welton, Lynn, Joblonkay, Darren & Ragia, Lemonia (2017), The Computational Research on the Ancient near East (CRANE) Project: An Archaeological Data Integration, Simulation and Data Mining, Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Geographical Information Systems Theory, Applications and Management. 153.