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Durham University

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Staff Profile

Dr Joe Saunders

Assistant Professor/Admissions/Widening Participation Officer/Director of Digital Learning/CHSS Advisor in the Department of Philosophy

(email at

Office Hours

Mondays, 1-4. Online. Drop me an email to set up a meeting.


Joe primarily works on ethics and agency in Kant and the post-Kantian tradition. He also has interests in the philosophy of love and media ethics.

He is part of an AHRC grant, currently investigating freedom of the press and regulation:

Recently, he interviewed several Hegel scholars for Hegel's 250th birthday:

Finally, he is the host of a Philosophy and Film podcast, in partnership with the Hyde Park Picture House in Leeds.

Administrative Roles

Joe is currently:

In Durham, he also serves as:

  • Admissions/Widening Participation Officer
  • Combined Honours in Social Sciences Advisor and Exam Board Rep
  • Director of Online Learning

Research Groups

Department of Philosophy

Research Interests

  • Ethics
  • Free Will
  • Kant
  • Love
  • Media Ethics
  • Post-Kantian Philosophy

Teaching Areas

  • European Philosophy
  • Issues in Contemporary Ethics
  • Reading Philosophy (Sartre)

Selected Publications

Authored book

  • Fox, Carl. & Saunders, Joe. (2019). Media Ethics, Free Speech, and the Requirements of Democracy. Routledge.
  • Dalziel, Paul, Saunders, Caroline & Saunders, Joe (2018). Wellbeing Economics: The Capabilities Approach to Prosperity. Cham: Palgrave Macmillan.

Chapter in book

  • Saunders, Joe (2020). Dark Advertising and the Democratic Process. In Big Data and Democracy. Macnish, Kevin & Galliott, Jai Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press.
  • Saunders, Joe (2019). Lynton Crosby and the Dark Arts of Democracy. In Media Ethics, Free Speech, and the Requirements of Democracy. Fox, Carl & Saunders, Joe New York: Routledge. 53-68.

Journal Article

  • Saunders, Joe & Sticker, Martin (2020). Moral Education and Transcendental Idealism. Archiv für Geschichte der Philosophie 102(4): 646-673.
  • Saunders, Joe (2019). Hegel, Norms and Ontology. History of Philosophy Quarterly 36(3): 279-297.
  • Saunders, Joe (2019). Kant and Degrees of Responsibility. Journal of Applied Philosophy 36(1): 137-154.
  • Williams, Neil W. & Saunders, Joe (2018). Practical grounds for belief: Kant and James on religion. European Journal of Philosophy 26(4): 1269-1282.
  • Saunders, Joe (2018). Taking love seriously: McTaggart, absolute reality and chemistry. British Journal for the History of Philosophy 26(4): 719-737.
  • Saunders, Joe (2018). Transcendental Freedom and its Discontents. Con-Textos Kantianos (International Journal of Philosophy) 1(8): 319-322.
  • Saunders, Joe (2016). Kant and the Problem of Recognition: Freedom, Transcendental Idealism, and the Third-Person. International Journal of Philosophical Studies 24(2): 164-182.
  • Saunders, Joe (2016). The Value of Practical Knowledge: Against Engstrom’s Constructivism. Hegel Bulletin 37(01): 117-136.
  • Saunders, Joe (2014). Kant, Rational Psychology and Practical Reason. Kant Yearbook 6(1): 115-136.

Translated Book

  • Stern, Robert (editor), Bennett, Chris, Leech, Jessica, Saunders, Joe & Texter, Mark (trans.) (2020). Løgstrup, Knud: Kierkegaard's and Heidegger's Analysis of Existence and its Relation to Proclamation . Oxford University Press
  • Bennett, Christopher, Saunders, Joe & Stern, Robert (trans.) (2019). Kant: Groundwork for the Metaphysics of Morals . Oxford University Press

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Media Contacts

Available for media contact about:

  • Ethics, Religion & Beliefs: Philosophy
  • Ethics: Philosophy
  • Philosophy: Philosophy

Indicators of Esteem

Selected Grants

  • 2018: Defining Freedom of the Press: A Cross national examination of press ethics and regulation in ten European countries (£11225.00 from AHRC)