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Mr Tathagata Basu - all publications

Chapter in book

  • Basu, Tathagata, Einbeck, Jochen & Troffaes, Matthias C. M. (2021). Uncertainty Quantification in Lasso-Type Regularization Problems. In Optimization Under Uncertainty with Applications to Aerospace Engineering. Springer. 81-109.

Conference Paper

  • Basu, Tathagata, Einbeck, Jochen & Troffaes, Matthias (2020), A sensitivity analysis and error bounds for the adaptive lasso, in Irigoien, I., Lee, D.-J., Martinez-Minaya, J. & Rodriguez-Alvarez, M.X. eds, International Workshop on Statistical Modelling. Bilbao, Universidad del Pais Vasco, 278-281.
  • Basu, Tathagata, Troffaes, Matthias C. M. & Einbeck, Jochen (2020), Binary Credal Classification Under Sparsity Constraints, in Lesot, Marie-Jeanne, Vieira, Susana, Reformat, Marek Z., Carvalho, Joao Paulo, Wilbik, Anna, Bouchon-Meunier, Bernadette & Yager, Ronald R. eds, Information Processing and Management of Uncertainty in Knowledge-Based Systems. Lisbon, Springer, 82-95.
  • Troffaes, Matthias C. M. & Basu, Tathagata (2019), A Cantelli-type inequality for constructing non-parametric p-boxes based on exchangeability, in Bock, Jasper De Campos, Cassio P. de Cooman, Gert de Quaeghebeur, Erik & Wheeler, Gregory eds, Proceedings of Machine Learning Research 103: ISIPTA'19. Ghent, PMLR, 386-393.


  • Basu, Tathagata, Einbeck, Jochen & Troffaes, Matthias C. M. (2019), A sensitivity analysis of adaptive lasso, Innovations in Data and Statistical Sciences (INDSTATS 2019). Mumbai, India.
  • Basu, Tathagata, Einbeck, Jochen, Troffaes, Matthias C. M. & Forbes, Alistair (2019), Robust uncertainty quantification for measurement problems with limited information, ISIPTA'19. Ghent.