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Dr. Celine Dinet - all publications

Chapter in book

  • Miller, E., Stubbington, L., Dinet, C. & Staykova, M. (2019). Biophysical insights from supported lipid patches. In Advances in Biomembranes and Lipid Self-Assembly. Elsevier. 29.

Journal Article

  • Wahl, A., Dinet, C., Dillard, P., Nassereddine, A., Puech, P.H., Limozin, L. & Sengupta, K. (2019). Biphasic mechanosensitivity of T cell receptor-mediated spreading of lymphocytes. PNAS 116(13 ): 5908-5913
  • C., Dinet, A., Wahl, F., Pi K., Bouzalmate, L., Limozin, A.,Charrier & K., Sengupta (2017). Printing Functional Protein Nanodots on Soft Elastomers: From Transfer Mechanism to Cell Mechanosensing. Nano Letters 17(7): 4284.
  • F., Pi, P., Dillard, C., Dinet, E., Benard, A., Wahl, I., Ozerov, A., Charrier, L., Limozin & K., Sengupta (2015). Size-Tunable Organic Nanodot Arrays: A Versatile Platform for Manipulating and Imaging Cells. Nano Letters 15(8): 5178.

Conference Paper

  • A. Wahl, C.Dinet, L.Limozin & K. Sengupta (2015), T-lymphocyte spreading on soft substrates, 44:S221 Meeting abstract: European biophysics journal with biophysics letters, 0-681.