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Dr Sarah Knuth - all publications

Journal Article

  • Knuth, Sarah (2020). ‘All that is Solid … ’. City 24(1-2): 65-75.
  • Knuth, Sarah, Stehlin, John & Millington, Nate (2020). Rethinking climate futures through urban fabrics: (De)growth, densification, and the politics of scale. Urban Geography 41(10): 1335-1343.
  • Payne, Will, Knuth, Sarah & Mahmoudi, Dillon (2020). Urban real estate technologies: genealogies, frontiers, & critiques. Urban Geography 41(8): 1033-1036.
  • Knuth, S. (2019). Cities and Planetary Repair: The Problem with Climate Retrofitting. Environment and Planning A: Economy and Space 51(2): 487-504.
  • Knuth, S., Potts, S. & Goldstein, J.E. (2019). In Value’s Shadows: Devaluation as Accumulation Frontier. Environment and Planning A 51(2): 461-466.
  • Cantor, A. & Knuth, S. (2019). Speculations on the postnatural: Restoration, accumulation, and sacrifice at the Salton Sea. Environment and Planning A: Economy and Space 51(2): 527-544.
  • Knuth, S.E. (2019). Whatever Happened to Green Collar Jobs? Populism and Clean Energy Transition. Annals of the American Association of Geographers 109(2): 634-643.
  • Knuth, S. (2018). “Breakthroughs” for a Green Economy? Financialization and Clean Energy Transition. Energy Research and Social Science 41: 220-229.
  • Knuth, Sarah (2017). Book Review: The Great Leveler: Capitalism and Competition in the Court of Law. Journal of Historical Geography 57: 118-119.
  • Knuth, Sarah (2017). Green Devaluation: Disruption, Divestment, and Decommodification for a Green Economy. Capitalism Nature Socialism 28(1): 98-117.
  • Knuth, Sarah & Potts, Shaina (2016). Legal Geographies of Finance, Editors' Introduction. Environment and Planning A 48(3): 458-464.
  • Knuth, Sarah (2016). Seeing Green in San Francisco: City as Resource Frontier. Antipode 48(3): 626-644.
  • Knuth, Sarah Elisabeth (2015). Global Finance and the Land Grab: Mapping Twenty-First Century Strategies. Canadian Journal of Development Studies / Revue canadienne d'études du développement 36(2): 163-178.
  • Knuth, Sarah E. (2010). Addressing Place in Climate Change Mitigation: Reducing Emissions in a Suburban Landscape. Applied Geography 30(4): 518.
  • Knuth, Sarah, Nagle, Brandi, Steuer, Christopher & Yarnal, Brent (2007). Universities and Climate Change Mitigation: Advancing Grassroots Climate Policy in the US. Local Environment 12(5): 485.

Book review

  • Knuth, S. (2018). Book Review Forum: 'DIY Detroit: Making Do in a City Without Services' by Kimberley Kinder, Minneapolis, University of Minnesota Press, 2016. The AAG Review of Books 6(3): 218-219.
  • Davidson, Mark, Ward, Kevin, Jonas, Andrew E.G., Knuth, Sarah, Weber, Rachel, Wilson, David & Sbragia, Alberta (2017). Book Review Forum: Debt Wish: Entrepreneurial Cities, US Federalism, and Economic Development. Urban Geography 38(8): 1282-1289.