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Durham University

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Staff Profile

Dr Christopher Cowie

Associate Professor/REF Impact Officer/Acting Director of Research/Director of UG & PG Student Experience/Placement Officer in the Department of Philosophy

I work in Moral Philosophy. For details of my research and teaching see my personal website.

Research Groups

Department of Philosophy


Authored book

  • Cowie, Christopher (2019). Morality and Epistemic Judgement: The Argument from Analogy. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  • Cowie, Christopher (2019). The Repugnant Conclusion: A Philosophical Inquiry. Routledge.

Edited book

  • Christopher Cowie & Richard Rowland (2019). Companions in Guilt Arguments in Metaethics. Routledge.

Chapter in book

  • Cowie, Christopher (Published). The Similarity Hypothesis in Metaethics. In Methodology and Moral Philosophy. Suikkanen, Jussi & Kauppinen, Antti Routledge. 127-147.
  • Cowie, Christopher & Rowland, Richard (2020). Introduction. In Companions in Guilt Arguments in Metaethics. London: Routledge. 1-16.
  • Cowie, Christopher. (2019). Contemporary Work on Debunking Arguments in Ethics and Mathematics. In Companions in Guilt Arguments in Metaethics. Routledge.
  • Cowie, Christopher & Greenberg, Alexander (2018). Constitutivism about Epistemic Normativity. In Metaepistemology: Realism and Anti-Realism. Kyriacou, Christos & McKenna, Robin Palgrave Macmillan. 173-196.

Journal Article

  • Cowie, Christopher (2020). A new argument for moral error theory. Noûs
  • Cowie, Christopher (2020). Do Constitutive Norms on Belief Explain Moore's Paradox? Philosophical Studies 177(6): 1685-1702.
  • Cowie, Christopher (2018). Companions in Guilt Arguments. Philosophy Compass 13(11): e12528.
  • Schleicher, Judith, Schaafsma, Marije, Burgess, Neil D., Sandbrook, Chris, Danks, Fiona, Cowie, Chris & Vira, Bhaskar (2018). Poorer without It? The Neglected Role of the Natural Environment in Poverty and Wellbeing. Sustainable Development 26(1): 83-98.
  • Cowie, Christopher (2017). Does the repugnant conclusion have any probative force? Philosophical Studies 174(12): 3021-3039.
  • Cowie, Christopher (2016). Good News for Moral Error Theorists: A Master Argument Against Companions in Guilt Strategies. Australasian Journal of Philosophy 94(1): 115-130.
  • Greenberg, Alexander & Cowie, Christopher (2016). Is the Norm on Belief Evaluative? A Response to McHugh. Pacific Philosophical Quarterly
  • Cowie, Christopher (2016). Revisionist Responses to the Amoralism Objection: A Reply to Julia Markovits. Ethical Theory and Moral Practice 19(3): 711.
  • Cowie, Christopher (2015). Conservatism in Metaethics: A Case Study. Metaphilosophy 46(4-5): 605-619.
  • Cowie, Christopher (2014). A New Explanatory Challenge for Nonnaturalists. Res Philosophica 91(4): 661-679.
  • Cowie, Christopher (2014). Epistemic Disagreement and Practical Disagreement. Erkenntnis 79(1): 191-209.
  • Cowie, Christopher (2014). In defence of instrumentalism about epistemic normativity. Synthese 191(16): 4003-4017.
  • Cowie, C. (2014). Why Companions in Guilt Arguments Won't Work. The Philosophical Quarterly 64(256): 407-422.