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Michael Magee - all publications

Journal Article

  • Magee, Michael, Naud, Frédéric & Puder, Doron (Submitted). A random cover of a compact hyperbolic surface has relative spectral gap 3/16 - ϵ.
  • Magee, Michael & Puder, Doron (Submitted). Matrix group integrals, surfaces, and mapping class groups II: O(n) and Sp(n).
  • Magee, Michael & Puder, Doron (Submitted). The Asymptotic Statistics of Random Covering Surfaces.
  • Magee, Michael & Puder, Doron (2021). Surface Words are Determined by Word Measures on Groups. Israel Journal of Mathematics 241: 749-774.
  • Magee, Michael (2020). Counting One-Sided Simple Closed Geodesics on Fuchsian Thrice Punctured Projective Planes. International Mathematics Research Notices 2020(13): 3886-3901.
  • Magee, Michael & Naud, Frédéric (2020). Explicit spectral gaps for random covers of Riemann surfaces. Publications mathématiques de l'IHÉS 132(1): 137-179.
  • Courcy-Ireland, Matthew de & Magee, Michael (2020). Kesten-McKay law for the Markoff surface mod p. Annales Henri Lebesgue
  • Cerbu, Alois Gunther, Elijah Magee, Michael & Luke Peilen, (2020). The cycle structure of a Markoff automorphism over finite fields. Journal of Number Theory 211: 1-27.
  • Gamburd, Alex, Magee, Michael & Ronan, Ryan (2019). An asymptotic formula for integer points on Markoff-Hurwitz varieties. Annals of Mathematics 190(3): 751-809.
  • Gutiérrez-Romo, Rodolfo, Magee, Michael & Rühr, Rene (2019). Counting saddle connections in a homology class modulo q. Journal of Modern Dynamics 15: 237-262.
  • Magee, Michael & Puder, Doron (2019). Matrix group integrals, surfaces, and mapping class groups I: U(n). Inventiones mathematicae 218(2): 341-411.
  • Magee, Michael (2019). On Selberg's Eigenvalue Conjecture for moduli spaces of abelian differentials. Compositio Mathematica 155(12): 2354-2398.
  • Magee, Michael, Oh, Hee & Winter, Dale (2019). Uniform congruence counting for Schottky semigroups in SL2(𝐙). Journal für die reine und angewandte Mathematik (Crelles Journal) 2019(753): 89-135.
  • Magee, Michael (2015). Arithmetic, zeros, and nodal domains on the sphere. Communications in Mathematical Physics 338(3): 919-951.
  • Magee, Michael (2015). Quantitative spectral gap for thin groups of hyperbolic isometries. Journal of the European Mathematical Society 17(1): 151-187.

Conference Paper

  • Collins, Benoît, Magee, Michael & Puder, Doron (2020), Automorphism-invariant positive definite functions on free groups, 27th International Conference in Operator Theory (OT27). Timisoara, American Mathematical Society.