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Revd Dr Nicholas Moore

Academic Dean of St John's College

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Authored book

  • Moore, Nicholas J. (2015). Repetition in Hebrews: Plurality and Singularity in the Letter to the Hebrews, Its Ancient Context, and the Early Church. Mohr Siebeck.

Edited book

  • Moore, Nicholas J. & Ounsworth, Richard J. (2018). A Perfect Priest: Studies in the Letter to the Hebrews by Albert Vanhoye. Wissenschaftliche Untersuchungen zum Neuen Testament 2. Reihe. Mohr Siebeck.

Chapter in book

  • Moore, Nicholas J. (2020). ‘Vaine Repeticions’? Re-evaluating Regular Levitical Sacrifices in Hebrews 9:1–14. In Son, Sacrifice, and Great Shepherd: Studies on the Epistle to the Hebrews. Mason, Eric F. & Moffitt, David M. Mohr Siebeck. 510: 115-134.
  • Moore, Nicholas J. (2017). ‘In’ or ‘Near’? Heavenly Access and Christian Identity in Hebrews. In Muted Voices of the New Testament: Readings in the Catholic Epistles and Hebrews. Hockey, K. M., Pierce, M. N. & Watson, F. T&T Clark, Bloomsbury. 565: 185-198.
  • Moore, Nicholas J. (2017). Deferring to Dad’s Discipline: Family Life in Hebrews 12. In Marriage, Family, and Relationships: Biblical, Doctrinal, and Contemporary Perspectives. Whittle, S., Johnston, P. & Noble, T. Apollos. 121-137.

Journal Article

  • Moore, Nicholas J. (2022). ‘He Saw Heaven Opened’ Heavenly Temple and Universal Mission in Luke-Acts. New Testament Studies 68(1): 38-51.
  • Moore, Nicholas J. (2022). Preserving Scriptural Harmony: Origen on Jude 3 and συμφωνία in the Commentary on John. Vigiliae Christianae 76(1): 94-106.
  • Moore, Nicholas J. (2021). ‘The True Tabernacle’ of Hebrews 8:2: Future Dwelling with People or Heavenly Dwelling Place? Tyndale Bulletin 72: 49-71.
  • Mills, Lynn & Moore, Nicholas J. (2020). One Baptism Once: The Origins of the Unrepeatability of Christian Baptism. Early Christianity 11(2): 206-226.
  • Moore, Nicholas J. (2020). Sacrifice, Session and Intercession: The End of Christ’s Offering in Hebrews. Journal for the Study of the New Testament 42(4): 521-541.
  • Moore, Nicholas J. (2019). Heaven’s Revolving Door? Cosmology, Entrance, and Approach in Hebrews. Bulletin for Biblical Research 29(2): 187-207.
  • Moore, Nicholas J. (2014). Jesus as ‘The One who Entered his Rest’ The Christological Reading of Hebrews 4.10. Journal for the Study of the New Testament 36(4): 383-400.
  • Moore, Nicholas J. (2013). Is Enoch Also among the Prophets? The Impact of Jude's Citation of 1 Enoch on the Reception of Both Texts in the Early Church. The Journal of Theological Studies 64(2): 498-515.