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Durham University

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Staff Profile

Florent Michel, PhD Université Paris-Saclay

Postdoctoral Research Associate, Cosmology in the Department of Mathematical Sciences
Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Centre for Particle Theory

(email at

Research Groups

Department of Mathematical Sciences

  • Mathematical & Theoretical Physics

Selected Publications

Journal Article

  • Michel, Florent, Parentani, Renaud & Robertson, Scott (2018). Gravity waves on modulated flows downstream from an obstacle: The transcritical case. Physical Review D 97(6): 065018
  • Robertson, Scott, Michel, Florent & Parentani, Renaud (2018). Nonlinearities induced by parametric resonance in effectively 1D atomic Bose condensates. Physical Review D 98(5): 056003.
  • Michel, Florent & Moss, Ian G. (2018). Relativistic collapse of axion stars. Physics Letters B 785: 9-13.
  • Robertson, Scott, Michel, Florent & Parentani, Renaud (2017). Assessing degrees of entanglement of phonon states in atomic Bose gases through the measurement of commuting observables. Physical Review D 96(4): 045012.
  • Hartmann, Betti, Michel, Florent & Peter, Patrick (2017). Excited cosmic strings with superconducting currents. Physical Review D 96(12): 123531.

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