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Dr Elisabeta Lusso - all publications

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  • Bisogni, Susanna, Risaliti, Guido & Lusso, Elisabeta (2018). A Hubble Diagram for Quasars. Frontiers in Astronomy and Space Sciences 4: 68.
  • Brusa, M., Cresci, G., Daddi, E., Paladino, R., Perna, M., Bongiorno, A., Lusso, E., Sargent, M. T., Casasola, V., Feruglio, C., Fraternali, F., Georgiev, I., Mainieri, V., Carniani, S., Comastri, A., Duras, F., Fiore, F., Mannucci, F., Marconi, A., Piconcelli, E., Zamorani, G., Gilli, R., La Franca, F., Lanzuisi, G., Lutz, D., Santini, P., Scoville, N. Z., Vignali, C., Vito, F., Rabien, S., Busoni, L. & Bonaglia, M. (2018). Molecular outflow and feedback in the obscured quasar XID2028 revealed by ALMA. Astronomy & Astrophysics 612: A29.
  • Lusso, Elisabeta & Risaliti, Guido (2018). The Physical Relation between Disc and Coronal Emission in Quasars. Frontiers in Astronomy and Space Sciences 4: 66.
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  • Bisogni, Susanna, Marconi, Alessandro, Risaliti, Guido & Lusso, Elisabeta (2017). EW[OIII] as an Orientation Indicator for Quasars: Implications for the Torus. Frontiers in Astronomy and Space Sciences 4: 48.
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  • Calistro Rivera, Gabriela, Lusso, Elisabeta, Hennawi, Joseph F. & Hogg, David W. (2016). AGNfitter: a Bayesian MCMC approach to fitting spectral energy distributions of AGNs. The Astrophysical Journal 833(1): 98.
  • López-Corredoira, M., Melia, F., Lusso, E. & Risaliti, G. (2016). Cosmological test with the QSO Hubble diagram. International Journal of Modern Physics D 25(05): 1650060.
  • Risaliti, G. & Lusso, E. (2015). A Hubble diagram for quasars. The Astrophysical Journal 815(1): 33.