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Durham University

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Jonas Lindert, PhD

Member of the Department of Physics
Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Centre for Particle Theory

(email at

Selected Publications

Journal Article

  • Buccioni, Federico, Lang, Jean-Nicolas, Lindert, Jonas M., Maierhöfer, Philipp, Pozzorini, Stefano, Zhang, Hantian & Zoller, Max F. (2019). OpenLoops 2. The European Physical Journal C 79(10): 866.
  • Grazzini, M., Heinrich, G., Jones, S., Kallweit, S., Kerner, M., Lindert, J. M. & Mazzitelli, J. (2018). Higgs boson pair production at NNLO with top quark mass effects. Journal of High Energy Physics 2018(5): 59.
  • Kudashkin, Kirill, Lindert, Jonas M., Melnikov, Kirill & Wever, Christopher (2018). Higgs bosons with large transverse momentum at the LHC. Physics Letters B 782: 210-214.
  • Gütschow, Christian, Lindert, Jonas M. & Schoenherr, M (2018). Multi-jet merged top-pair production including electroweak corrections. The European Physical Journal C 78(4): 317.
  • Ježo, Tomáš, Lindert, Jonas M., Moretti, Niccolo & Pozzorini, Stefano (2018). New NLOPS predictions for tt¯+btt¯+b -jet production at the LHC. The European Physical Journal C 78(6): 502.
  • Greljo, Admir, Isidori, Gino, Lindert, Jonas M., Marzocca, David & Zhang, Hantian (2017). Electroweak Higgs production with HiggsPO at NLO QCD. The European Physical Journal C 77(12): 838.
  • Kallweit, S., Lindert, J. M., Pozzorini, S. & Schoenherr, M. (2017). NLO QCD+EW predictions for 2ℓ2ν diboson signatures at the LHC. Journal of High Energy Physics 2017(11): 120.
  • Granata, F., Lindert, J. M., Oleari, C. & Pozzorini, S. (2017). NLO QCD+EW predictions for HV and HV +jet production including parton-shower effects. Journal of High Energy Physics 2017(9): 12.
  • Lindert, J. M., Pozzorini, S., Boughezal, R., Campbell, J. M., Denner, A., Dittmaier, S., Gehrmann-De Ridder, A., Gehrmann, T., Glover, N., Huss, A., Kallweit, S., Maierhöfer, P., Mangano, M. L., Morgan, T. A., Mück, A., Petriello, F., Salam, G. P., Schoenherr, M. & Williams, C. (2017). Precise predictions for V+jets dark matter backgrounds. The European Physical Journal C 77(12): 829.
  • Lindert, Jonas M., Melnikov, Kirill, Tancredi, Lorenzo & Wever, Christopher (2017). Top-Bottom Interference Effects in Higgs Plus Jet Production at the LHC. Physical Review Letters 118(25): 252002.

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