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Staff Profile

Professor Niv Horesh, BA (Economics) Hebrew University 1998, MA (East Asian Studies) Hebrew University 2001, PhD (East Asian Studies) ANU 2006

Visiting Research Fellow in the School of Government and International Affairs
Visiting Research Fellow in the Institute for Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies

(email at

Expertise Summary

China in World History; Economic History of China; Corporate Governance in Emerging Markets; PRC Foreign Policy; Shanghai, Past & Present; Depictions of East Asia in Eighteenth-Century European Literature; Depictions of the West in Nineteenth-Century East Asian Literature


Authored book

  • Horesh, N. (2013). Chinese Money in Global Context: Historic Junctures Between 600 BCE and 2012. Stanford University Press.

Chapter in book

  • Horesh, Niv (2012). China's Relations with the Middle East. In The Ashgate Research Companion to Chinese Foreign Policy (Rethinking Asia and International Relations). Kavalski, E. Ashgate. 223-235.

Journal Article

  • Horesh, N. & Lim, K.F. (2017). China: an East Asian alternative to neoliberalism? The Pacific Review 30(4): 425-442.
  • Lim, K.F. & Horesh, N. (2017). The Chongqing vs. Guangdong developmental ‘models’ in post-Mao China: regional and historical perspectives on the dynamics of socioeconomic change. Journal of the Asia Pacific Economy 22(3): 372-395.
  • Horesh, Niv (2013). ‘Cannot be fed on when starving’ an analysis of the economic thought surrounding China’s earlier use of paper money. Journal of the History of Economic Thought 35(03): 373-395.
  • Horesh, Niv (2013). Development trajectories: Hong Kong vs. Shanghai. Asian-Pacific Economic Literature 27(1): 27-39.
  • Horesh, Niv (2013). Money for Empire: The Yokohama Specie Bank Monetary Emissions Before and After the May Fourth (Wusi) Boycott of 1919. Modern Asian Studies 47(4): 1377-1402.
  • Horesh, Niv (2011). Autophobia? Israel's Geo-Politics in the Early `Chinese Century'. Chinese Journal of International Politics 4(3): 291-309.
  • Horesh, Niv (2010). Cinema, Space, and Polylocality in a Globalizing China. CHINA JOURNAL 64: 247-249.
  • Carthy, Tal, Horesh, Netta, Apter, Alan, Edge, Michael D. & Gross, James J. (2010). Emotional reactivity and cognitive regulation in anxious children. BEHAVIOUR RESEARCH AND THERAPY 48(5): 384-393.
  • Horesh, Niv (2010). Life Under Pressure: Mortality and Living Standards in Europe and Asia, 1700-1900. ASIAN STUDIES REVIEW 34(4): 513-514.
  • Horesh, Niv (2010). Tradition, Treaties, and Trade: Qing Imperialism and Choson Korea, 1850-1910. AUSTRALIAN ECONOMIC HISTORY REVIEW 50(1, SI): 102-104.
  • Horesh, Niv (2009). Whitehall vs Old China Hands: The 1935-36 Leith-Ross Mission Revisited. ASIAN STUDIES REVIEW 33(2): 211-227.
  • Horesh, Niv (2008). ``Many a long day'': HSBC and its note issue in Republican China, 1912-1935. ENTERPRISE \& SOCIETY 9(1): 6-43.
  • Horesh, Niv (2008). Between legal and illegal tender - The Chartered Bank and its notes in and around China, 1864-1939. MODERN CHINA 34(2): 276-298.
  • Horesh, Niv (2008). Silk, Tea and Treasure: Maritime Trade in Eighteenth-Century Literature. SUNGKYUN JOURNAL OF EAST ASIAN STUDIES 8(2): 131-142.
  • Horesh, Niv (2007). The bund and beyond: Rethinking the Sino-foreign financial grid in pre-war Shanghai. CHINA REVIEW-AN INTERDISCIPLINARY JOURNAL ON GREATER CHINA 7(1): 1-26.
  • Horesh, N (2006). European banking overseas, 19th-20th century. AUSTRALIAN ECONOMIC HISTORY REVIEW 46(1): 99-101.
  • Horesh, Niv (2006). Printed in London, disbursed on the bund: The Hongkong Bank and its early note issue in Shanghai, 1865-1911. LATE IMPERIAL CHINA 27(1): 109-140.

Book review

  • Horesh, Niv (2016). Breaking with the Past: The Maritime Customs Service and the Global Origins of Modernity in China. By Hans van de Ven. Journal of Asian Studies 75(03): 823-825.
  • Horesh, Niv (2016). The China Model: Political Meritocracy and the Limits of Democracy, by Daniel A. Bell. China Journal 76: 138-140.
  • Horesh, Niv (2013). The Great Rebalancing: Trade, Conflict, and the Perilous Road Ahead for the World Economy. The China Quarterly (216): 1073-1074.
  • Horesh, Niv (2013). The Treaty Port Economy in Modern China: Empirical Studies of Institutional Change and Economic Performance. International Journal of Asian Studies 10(2): 218-221.

Conference Paper

  • Horesh, Niv (2015), Competing Imperial Banking: The Yokohama Specie Bank and HSBC in China – 1919 as a Watershed?, in Bonin, H., Valerio, N. & Yago, K. eds, Banking, Money and International Finance Asian Imperial Banking History, the Congress of the World Economic History Association. Stellenbosch, Routledge, Abingdon, Oxon, 53-69.