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Dr Pam Graves - all publications

Authored book

  • Gerrard, C.M., Graves, C.P., Millard, A.R., Annis, R & Caffell, A. (2018). Lost Lives, New Voices. Unlocking the stories of the Scottish soldiers from the Battle of Dunbar 1650. Oxbow Books.
  • Graves, C. P. & Heslop, D. (2013). Newcastle upon Tyne, The Eye of the North: An Archaeological Assessment. Oxbow Books.
  • Graves, CP (2013). North Sea Capital. Durham University.
  • Graves, CP (2001). The Window Glass of the Order of St Gilbert of Sempringham: A York-Based Study. York: Council for British Archaeology.
  • Graves, CP (2000). The Form and Fabric of Belief an archaeology of the lay experience of religion in medieval Norfolk and Devon. British Archaeological Reports, British Series No. 311: Oxford: Archaeopress.
  • Kemp, RL & Graves, CP (1996). The church and Gilbertine priory of St. Andrew, Fishergate. York: YAT/Council for British Archaeology.

Chapter in book

  • Graves, C. P. (2018). Chapter Five: “Curst Dunbar” and Durham. In Lost Lives, New Voices: Unlocking the stories of the Scottish Soldiers from the Battle of Dunbar. Gerrard, C. M., Graves, C. P., Millard, A. R., Annis, R. G. & Caffell, A. Oxford: Oxbow Books.
  • Smith, C., Graves, C. P., Claydon, M. & Randerson, M. (2017). En route and in residence: Integrating documentary and archaeological evidence for the itineraries and residences of the Medieval Bishops of Durham. In Princes of the Church: Bishops and their Palaces. Rollason, D. Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge. 285-303.
  • Graves, C P (2015). Stained and painted window glass. In Glastonbury Abbey Excavations: archaeological investigations 1904-79. Gilchrist, R & Green, C London: Society of Antiquaries of London. 320-336.
  • Graves, C P & Caple, C (2015). The ex-situ painted wall plaster. In Glastonbury Abbey Excavations: archaeological investigations 1904-79. Gilchrist, R & Green, C London: Society of Antiquaries of London. 337-340.
  • Graves, C P & Cramp, R (2014). Medieval window glass. In The Hirsel Excavations. Cramp, R London: Society for Medieval Archaeology. 199-200.
  • Graves, C.P. (2008). Architectural fragments. In Finds from the Well at St Paul-in-the-Bail, Lincoln. Mann, J. Oxford: Lincoln Archaeological Studies, Oxbow Books. 9: 20-22.
  • Mann, J & Graves, CP (2008). Discussion. In Finds from the Well at St Paul-in-the-Bail, Lincoln. Mann, J Oxford: Lincoln Archaeological Studies, Oxbow Books. 9: 79-92.
  • Graves, CP (2003). Civic Ritual, Townscape and Social Identity in Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century Newcastle upon Tyne. In Archaeologies of the British: Explorations of identity in Great Britain and its colonies 1600-1945. Lawrence, S London New York: Routledge. 31-54.
  • Graves, C.P. (2002). The Development of Towns in the North. In Past, Present and Future the Archaeology of Northern England. Brooks, C., Daniels, R. & Harding, A. Durham: Architectural and Archaeological Society of Durham and Northumberland. Research Report 5: 177-184.
  • Graves, CP (2002). Window glass. In Spynie Palace and the Bishops of Moray: history, architecture and archaeology, Society of Antiquaries of Scotland Monograph. J. Lewis & D. Pringle Series 21: 132-7.
  • Graves, CP (1997). Social space in the English medieval parish church. In Anthony Giddens: critical assessments volume 4. Bryant, C & Jary, D London: Routledge. 262-288.
  • Graves, CP (1996). The Window Glass. In Further Excavations at the Dominican Priory, Beverley, 1986-89. Foreman, M Sheffield: Sheffield Academic Press. Sheffield Excavation Reports No. 1: 126-144.

Journal Article

  • Graves, CP & Rollason, L (2013). The monastery of Durham and the wider world: medieval graffiti in the prior's chapel. Northern History 50(2): 186-215.
  • Graves, P & Rollason, L (2010). The Medieval Prior's Chapel at Durham: its development and use. Monastic Research Bulletin 16: 24-41.
  • Bailiff, IK, Blain, S, Graves, CP, Gurling, T & Semple, S (2010). Uses and recycling of brick in medieval and Tudor English buildings: insights from the application of luminescence dating and new avenues for further research. The Archaeological Journal 167: 165-196.
  • Graves, CP (2009). Building a new Jerusalem the Meaning of a Group of Merchant Houses in Seventeenth-Century Newcastle upon Tyne, England. International Journal of Historical Archaeology 13(4): 385-408.
  • Graves, CP (2008). From an Archaeology of Iconoclasm to an Anthropology of the Body Images, Punishment and Personhood in England, 1500-1660. Current Anthropology 49(1): 35-57.
  • Graves, CP (2007). Sensing and believing: exploring worlds of difference in pre-modern England-a contribution to the debate. World Archaeology 39(4): 515-531.
  • Graves, CP (2005). Canon William Greenwell and his contemporaries the history of British archaeology in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Bulletin of the History of Archaeology 15(2): 45-49.
  • O'Connor, A & Graves, CP (2003). Canon Greenwell (1820-1918) and his contribution to archaeological research. Bulletin of the History of Archaeology 13(2): 28-30.

Conference Paper

  • Graves, C P (2013), Mammon, Dagon, hergebruiken en opgraven: de behandeling en verspreiding van monastiek vensterglas tijdens de Reformatie op de Britse eilanden, in Van Acker,J, Lehouck, A, Dawyndt, D & Vanclooster, D eds, Jaarboek Abdijmuseum Ten Duinen: Novi Monasterii, Verloren Glans Innovatief interdisciplinair onderzoek op archeologisch vlakglas in Noordwest-Europa (10de-18de eeuw) 12: Lost Luster. Abdijmuseum Ten Duinen, Koksijde, Abdijmuseum Ten Duinen, Koksijde, 39-46.


  • Graves, C.P., Annis, R., Caffell, A.C., Gerrard, C.M. & Millard, A.R. (2016). The Dunbar Diaspora: Background to the Battle of Dunbar, and the Aftermath of the Battle. Department of Archaeology. Durham, Durham University.