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Durham University

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Staff Profile

Daniele Dorigoni, PhD Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa

3H/4H Course Director, Assistant Professor, Theoretical Particle Physics in the Department of Mathematical Sciences
Assistant Professor in the Centre for Particle Theory

(email at

Research Groups

Department of Mathematical Sciences

  • Mathematical & Theoretical Physics
  • Mathematical & Theoretical Physics: Quantum Field Theory

Research Interests

  • Resurgent methods in quantum field theory

Selected Publications

Journal Article

  • Daniele Dorigoni, & Axel Kleinschmidt (2019). Modular graph functions and asymptotic expansions of Poincare' series. Communications in Number Theory and Physics 13(3): 569-617.
  • Dorigoni, Daniele & Glass, Philip (2019). Picard-Lefschetz decomposition and Cheshire Cat resurgence in 3D N=2 field theories. Journal of High Energy Physics 85: 85.
  • Dorigoni, Daniele & Glass, Philip (2018). The grin of Cheshire cat resurgence from supersymmetric localization. SciPost Physics 4(2): 012.
  • Arutyunov, G., Dorigoni, D. & Savin, S. (2017). Resurgence of the dressing phase for AdS5 × S5. Journal of High Energy Physics 2017(01): 055.
  • Demulder, S., Dorigoni, D. & Thompson, D. (2016). Resurgence in η-deformed Principal Chiral Models. Journal of High Energy Physics 2016(07): 088.
  • Cherman, Aleksey, Dorigoni, Daniele & Ünsal, Mithat (2015). Decoding perturbation theory using resurgence: Stokes phenomena, new saddle points and Lefschetz thimbles. Journal of High Energy Physics 2015(10): 56.
  • Contatto, F. & Dorigoni, D. (2015). Instanton Solutions from Abelian Sinh-Gordon and Tzitzeica Vortices. Journal of Geometry and Physics 98: 429-445.
  • Dorigoni, D. & Hatsuda, Y. (2015). Resurgence of the cusp anomalous dimension. Journal of High Energy Physics 2015(09): 138.

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