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  • Chiang, Gen-Tao, Dove, Martin T., Bovolo, C. Isabella & Ewen, John (2011). Implementing a Grid/Cloud eScience Infrastructure for Hydrological Sciences. In GUIDE TO E-SCIENCE: NEXT GENERATION SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH AND DISCOVERY. Yang, X, Wang, L & Jie, W 3-28.
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  • Bovolo, C. I., Blenkinsop, S., Majone, B., Zambrano-Bigiarini, M., Fowler, H. J., Bellin, A., Burton, A., Barceló, D., Grathwohl, P. & Barth, J. A. C. (2010). Climate Change, Water Resources and Pollution in the Ebro Basin: Towards an Integrated Approach. In The Ebro River Basin. 13: 295.
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Journal Article

  • Bovolo, C.I., Wagner, T., Parkin, G., Hein-Griggs, D., Pereira, R. & Jones, R. (2018). The Guiana Shield rainforests – overlooked guardians of South American climate. Environmental Research Letters 13(7): 074029.
  • Bovolo, C.I. & Donoghue, D. (2017). Has regional forest loss been underestimated? Environmental Research Letters 12(11): 111003.
  • Hölting, M., Bovolo, C.I. & Ernst, R. (2016). Facing Complexity in Tropical Conservation: Effects of Reduced Impact Logging and Climate Extremes on Beta Diversity in Tropical Amphibian Assemblages. Biotropica 48(4): 528-536.
  • Pereira, Ryan, Bovolo, C. Isabella, Spencer, Robert G. M., Hernes, Peter J., Tipping, Edward, Vieth-Hillebrand, Andrea, Pedentchouk, Nikolai, Chappell, Nick A., Parkin, Geoff & Wagner, Thomas (2014). Mobilization of optically invisible dissolved organic matter in response to rainstorm events in a tropical forest headwater river. Geophysical Research Letters 41(4): 1202-1208.
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  • Pereira, Ryan, Bovolo, C. Isabella, Forsythe, Nathan, Pedentchouk, Nikolai, Parkin, Geoff & Wagner, Thomas (2014). Seasonal patterns of rainfall and river isotopic chemistry in northern Amazonia (Guyana): From the headwater to the regional scale. Journal of South American Earth Sciences 52: 108-118.
  • Bovolo, C. Isabella, Pereira, Ryan, Parkin, Geoff, Kilsby, Chris & Wagner, Thomas (2012). Fine-scale regional climate patterns in the Guianas, tropical South America, based on observations and reanalysis data. International Journal of Climatology 32(11): 1665-1689.
  • Majone, B., Bovolo, C. I., Bellin, A., Blenkinsop, S. & Fowler, H. J. (2012). Modeling the impacts of future climate change on water resources for the Gallego river basin (Spain). WATER RESOURCES RESEARCH 48: W01512.
  • Bovolo, C. I. & Bathurst, J. C. (2012). Modelling catchment-scale shallow landslide occurrence and sediment yield as a function of rainfall return period. HYDROLOGICAL PROCESSES 26(4): 579-596.
  • Chiang, Gen-Tao, White, Toby O. H., Dove, Martin T., Bovolo, C. Isabella & Ewen, John (2011). Geo-visualization Fortran library. COMPUTERS \& GEOSCIENCES 37(1, SI): 65-74.
  • Bathurst, James C., Bovolo, C. Isabella & Cisneros, Felipe (2010). Modelling the effect of forest cover on shallow landslides at the river basin scale. ECOLOGICAL ENGINEERING 36(3, SI): 317-327.
  • Bovolo, C. Isabella, Abele, Simon J., Bathurst, James C., Caballero, David, Ciglan, Marek, Eftichidis, George & Simo, Branislav (2009). A distributed framework for multi-risk assessment of natural hazards used to model the effects of forest fire on hydrology and sediment yield. COMPUTERS \& GEOSCIENCES 35(5, SI): 924-945.
  • Bovolo, C. Isabella, Parkin, Geoff & Sophocleous, Marios (2009). Groundwater resources, climate and vulnerability. ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH LETTERS 4(3): 035001.
  • Bovolo, CI (2005). The physical and chemical composition of the lower mantle. PHILOSOPHICAL TRANSACTIONS OF THE ROYAL SOCIETY A-MATHEMATICAL PHYSICAL AND ENGINEERING SCIENCES 363(1837): 2811-2835.


  • Bovolo, C.I. & Guzman, A. (2014). Implementation Completion and Results Report (TF-91692) on a grant from the Global Environment Facility Special Climate Change Fund in the amount of US$ 3.8 Million to the Republic of Guyana for a Conservancy Adpatation Project. World Bank.
  • Bovolo, C.I. (2014). Managing Flood Risk in Guyana The Conservancy Adaptation Project, 2008-2013. World Bank.